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Transport 15-12-2021

A shift to cycling, not only electric cars, is needed to cut urban transport emissions

The European Commission’s efficient and green mobility package aims to cut transport emissions by making urban mobility cleaner. But electrifying our vehicles is not enough: To reach Europe’s Green Deal goals, cycling must be championed, writes Jill Warren.
Health 11-12-2020

Without prioritising walking and cycling, EU mobility strategy is a lost opportunity

An EU strategy boosting walking and cycling would have been key to clean up the air in our cities, achieve the EU’s climate goals and prevent disease, argues Anne Stauffer.
Future of mobility 29-06-2017

Does car sharing really reduce car use?

Concerns that sharing schemes do not deliver a net reduction in car use are not supported by evidence, writes Greg Archer. Now, digitisation and the sharing economy provide an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles in our cities even further, he contends.