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Energy 24-06-2020

Why the EU should care about one gas dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean

The EU has the duty to play the responsible adult and intervene in facilitating an agreement between Israel and Cyprus to enable the development of the major Aphrodite natural gas field, write Rony Halman and Gilad Segal.
Global Europe 23-01-2018

Election will signal direction of Cyprus division

How to end Cyprus' decades-long division and the re-ignition of a lifeless UN-backed peace process took centre stage yesterday (22 January) in the country's first and only live TV debate featuring the main presidential candidates.
Economy & Jobs 24-03-2017

Greece still stuck in bailout due to lack of political consensus

In contrast with Cyprus, a lack of political will among Greece's political parties and appetite for cooperation has kept the country locked in a painful bailout programme, experts have warned. EURACTIV Greece reports.

Austerity-hit citizens allowed to sue troika, ECJ rules

The European Court of Justice has ruled that EU citizens can now sue the troika if they believe their fundamental rights have been violated by austerity. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 23-05-2016

Far right could enter fractious Cyprus parliament

Cypriots voted yesterday (22 May) in an election that produced a record low turnout for parliamentary polls after a three-year economic downturn and amid widespread disillusion with politicians.
Med & South 31-03-2016

Cyprus exits bailout programme

Cyprus on Thursday concluded its multi-billion-euro bailout programme with the European Union's rescue fund as it battles back from a financial crisis that ravaged its banking sector.
Global Europe 22-01-2016

Nicosia mayor: Relations with Turkish Cypriots ‘starting to become a friendship’

The relationship between the two communities in Nicosia, Europe's last divided capital, is starting to become a friendship, the city's Greek Cypriot mayor has told EURACTIV. 
Euro & Finance 07-04-2015

Cyprus ends money transfer restrictions

Cyprus on Monday (6 April) signalled a return to financial normality in scrapping capital controls two years after they were imposed to halt a banking meltdown, the finance ministry said.
Global Europe 26-02-2015

Putin and Anastasiades celebrate their cooperation

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, who is on an official visit to Moscow, applauded with his host and counterpart Vladimir Putin, the many ties linking the two countries.
Euro & Finance 26-02-2014

Troika-imposed privatisation plan leaves Cyprus in the dark

Rolling power cuts are taking place throughout the Republic of Cyprus yesterday (25 February) as part of protest measures by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) against government plans to privatise semi-governmental organisations, as agreed with the Troika of lenders.
EU Elections 2014 16-12-2013

Bail-in and stance on Turkey fuel euroscepticism in Cyprus

The bank deposits haircut and the EU’s ambiguous position on Turkey are to blame for the growing euroscepticism in Cyprus, according to Greek Cypriot MEPs who spoke to EURACTIV Greece in Nicosia.
Euro & Finance 16-04-2013

Barroso offers a lifeline to Cyprus as bailout cost soars

The European Commission will propose early payments to Cyprus from the EU budget for 2014-2020 and some other measures to help address its soaring bailout needs, says a letter from Commission President José Manuel Barroso to the country’s President Nicos Anastasiades. 
Euro & Finance 15-04-2013

Cypriot crisis: An island of reinvention

Cyprus has reinvented itself a dozen times. There's no reason why Cyprus can't pull off the same trick again, says Elizabeth Pond.

Finance ministers to deal with Austrian banks, Cyprus bailout

Austria will come under renewed pressure to prise open its bank secrecy rules at a two-day meeting of European Union finance ministers, starting toady (12 April), that will also seek to contain the fallout of a messy bailout of Cyprus.
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Economy & Jobs 05-04-2013

Draghi slams handling of Cyprus bailout

ECB president Mario Draghi on Thursday slammed the Cyprus negotiators for their initial proposal of making small savers pay for the country's bailout, He called the idea 'not smart, to say the least'. Draghi was quick to add that the proposal of imposing a levy on small savers did not come from the ECB.
Euro & Finance 05-04-2013

Draghi slams handling of Cyprus bailout

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi indirectly clashed with Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, stating yesterday (4 April) that the Cyprus bailout was "no template" for possible future solutions and pledged that taxing depositors would not become normal procedure. He also slammed the Cyprus' negotiators for their initial proposal.