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  • Three Czech parties form ruling coalition

    News | Elections 07-01-2014

    Three Czech political parties signed an agreement yesterday (6 January) to form a centre-left coalition government that will aim to shore up economic growth by easing a squeeze on state finances.

  • Czech communists to return in office for first time since 1989

    News | Elections 21-08-2013

    The Czech parliament voted yesterday (20 August) to dissolve itself, triggering an early election that could hand the Communist Party a share of power for the first time since a bloodless revolution ended the party's totalitarian rule two decades ago.

  • Czech PM resigns, early elections to be held

    News | Elections 14-08-2013

    The Czech cabinet dominated by allies of leftist President Miloš Zeman resigned yesterday (13 August) after losing a confidence vote last week, clearing the way for early elections that could resolve a political deadlock.

  • Czech PM survives no-confidence vote over amnesty

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 18-01-2013

    Czech Prime Minister Petr Ne?as survived a vote of no confidence yesterday (17 January), after coming under sharp attack for an amnesty granted by outgoing President Václav Klaus that halted investigations of dozens of financial crimes.

  • Czech presidential vote marks shift in EU relations

    News | Central Europe 15-01-2013

    The departure of eurosceptic Czech President Václav Klaus will open a new chapter in the country's relations with the EU, no matter who succeeds him in the run-off poll on 25-26 January, analysts say. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports. 

  • Experts: New Czech government is ‘mildly Eurosceptic’

    News | Central Europe 14-07-2010

    The new Czech government, led by Petr Ne?as, was appointed yesterday (13 July) after a month of difficult coalition talks. Commenting on the coalition agreement, analysts warned of recurrent Euroscepticism, but said this would perhaps take a more mild form than in the previous cabinet. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

  • New parties ‘re-write’ Czech political map

    News | Central Europe 31-05-2010

    A coalition of three centre-right parties is set to form a government in the Czech Republic despite the Social Democrats having come first in general elections held on Saturday (29 May). Two of the parties are new political players, EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

  • Czech elections: Towards renewed deadlock?

    News | Central Europe 28-05-2010

    On 28 and 29 May, parliamentary elections will be held in the Czech Republic. Along with the conservatives, social democrats and communists, two new parties will almost certainly get to the lower house of parliament. Yet the elections will probably lead to renewed deadlock, experts predict. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

  • Topolánek set to leave politics after new blunder

    News | Languages & Culture 30-03-2010

    Former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek, whose blunders during last year's Czech EU Presidency left a bitter after-taste, is set to leave politics after comments he made about gay people and Jews were quoted by the press in Prague.

  • Belgium seeks to close crises ahead of EU spell

    News | Elections 27-07-2009

    Perhaps learning from the Czech Republic's experience, Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy says he will strive to solve the country's internal tensions by mid-2010 in order to avoid potential problems during the country's EU presidency in the second half of the year.

  • Czech party’s EU campaign ‘not negative’, it says

    News | Public Affairs 06-05-2009

    The centre-right Civic Democrat party (ODS) of Czech Prime Minister-in-resignation Mirek Topolánek has refuted accusations that it is conducting a negative campaign against its Social Democratic (CSSD) opponents. But ODS posters clearly depict CSSD leaders as intending to "do harm and scaremonger".

  • Czech Left suffers from EU presidency troublemaking

    News | EU Priorities 2020 27-04-2009

    Although the Czech Social Democrats (?SSD) are leading opinion polls, the current political crisis may not bode well for them, as they have been criticised by a wide range of political parties for having caused the fall of the government halfway through the Czech EU Presidency, EURACTIV.cz reported.