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  • Czech opposition adopts EU discourse in upcoming elections

    EU Priorities 2020 18-03-2009

    'We are all Europeans' is the gist of the campaign manifesto published by the main oppsition Czech political parties for the upcoming European elections in June. Adopting the euro, ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, energy security and tackling of the economic crisis feature highly among the issues candidates will address in their campaign. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

  • Sarkozy accused of hijacking Czech EU Presidency

    EU Priorities 2020 27-10-2008

    Weakened by electoral defeat over the weekend (24-25 October), the survivor Czech government came under attack from eurosceptic President Vaclav Klaus, who accused France of planning to "siphon" the Czech EU Presidency in the first half of 2009.

  • Czech survivor cabinet hopes to lead EU

    EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2008

    Just 70 days before it assumes the EU Presidency, the Czech centre-right government scraped through another no-confidence vote ahead of crucial Senate elections this weekend.

  • Caretaker cabinet could steer Czech EU Presidency

    EU Priorities 2020 20-10-2008

    The Czech Republic's chances of assuming the EU Presidency with a caretaker cabinet in January 2009 are increasing after the leftist opposition's landslide victory in regional elections over the weekend.

  • Klaus re-election welcomed in Brussels

    Elections 18-02-2008

    Euro-sceptic incumbent Václav Klaus was re-elected as President of the Czech Republic on Friday (15 February), a development which was officially welcomed by the European Commission less than a year before the country takes its turn at the EU's helm.

  • Czech presidential election heads for new round

    Elections 11-02-2008

    Neither incumbent Václav Klaus nor challenger Jan Švejnar emerged victorious after three rounds of voting in the Czech presidential election over the weekend. Attention now shifts to February 15 when both candidates will contest another vote. (Based on reporting from EURACTIV Czech Republic).

  • Czech presidential election highlights sharp divide over EU

    Elections 08-02-2008

    The Czech parliament is set to elect the country's president today (8 February) in a contest which pits euro-sceptic incumbent Václav Klaus against pro-EU challenger Jan Švejnar. The election is largely seen as a choice between 'old' and 'new' visions of the country's future. With additional reporting from EURACTIV in Prague.

  • New Czech government appointed

    Elections 10-01-2007

    The newly appointed centre-right coalition government has slim chances of winning the vote of confidence in the Czech parliament, says EURACTIV's editor in Prague.

  • Four-party government to rule in Czech Republic

    Elections 24-11-2006

    Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and his rightist Civic Democrats party convened with the Green Party to govern the country in a four-party coalition until early elections in 2008.

  • Czech elections result in stalemate

    Elections 06-06-2006

    General elections in the Czech Republic have produced a hung parliament with the two opposing camps holding exactly half of the Parliament's 200 seats.

  • Czech elections run-up: Neck and neck between left and right

    Elections 30-05-2006

    The 2-3 June general elections in the Czech Republic may result either in a government without a stable majority or a grand coalition.

  • Czech opposition claims victory in regional and Senate vote

    Enlargement 09-11-2004

    The Czech Republic's main opposition Civic Democrats
    of eurosceptic President Vaclav Klaus have inflicted a fresh
    election defeat on the ruling Social Democrats. The prime
    minister has no intention of resigning.

  • Czech government loses majority in Senate

    Elections 05-11-2002

    The Czech government, which has a one-seat majority in the lower house of Parliament, has lost its majority in the Senate in weekend elections.

  • Czech Government survives coalition crisis

    Enlargement 16-09-2002

    The Czech centre-left government, led by the Social Democrat Vladimir Spidla, survived a brief crisis of the three-party ruling coalition. The leaders of the three parties agreed on a re-shuffle following a row over tax increases to pay for the damages caused by the recent disastrous flooding.

  • Czech President appoints new centre-left government

    Enlargement 16-07-2002

    The Czech President, Vaclav Havel, has officially appointed a new centre-left government, led by the Social Democrat, Vladimir Spidla.

  • Czech parties sign coalition agreement

    Enlargement 11-07-2002

    The victorious Czech Social Democrats and two smaller parties, the Christian Democrats and the Freedom Union, have signed an agreement on a coalition government that is due to take office on 15 July.

  • Czech parties form government coalition

    Enlargement 08-07-2002

    The Czech Social Democrats have reached an agreement to form a new coalition government with the centre-right Christian Democrats and Freedom Union. The Socialist leader, Vladimir Spidla, is expected to be appointed as the new Czech Prime Minister by the Czech President, Vaclav Havel, on 9 July.

  • Czech Socialists begin talks to form government

    Enlargement 18-06-2002

    The Czech President, Vaclav Havel, has asked the Socialist leader, Vladimir Spidla, to form the new government, following the party's victory in general elections.

  • Czech voters support pro-EU Socialist Party

    Enlargement 17-06-2002

    The Czech President, Vaclav Havel, is expected to appoint the Socialist leader, Vladimir Spidla, as the new Prime Minister on 17 June, after his party's victory at general elections.

  • Czechs elect new government

    Enlargement 14-06-2002

    The Czech general elections of 14-15 June will decide whether the Czech Republic will be led into the EU by a pro-European Socialist or a Euro-skeptic Conservative government.

  • Two biggest Czech parties head to head in election campaign

    Enlargement 11-06-2002

    Four days before the Czech parliamentary elections (14-15 June), the governing Social Democrats, headed by Vladimir Spidla, are back at the top of opinion polls with 28 per cent of the votes. The Conservative Civic Democratic Party, led by Vaclav Klaus, would finish second winning 24 per cent of votes.