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  • Czech voters support pro-EU Socialist Party

    News | Enlargement 17-06-2002

    The Czech President, Vaclav Havel, is expected to appoint the Socialist leader, Vladimir Spidla, as the new Prime Minister on 17 June, after his party's victory at general elections.

  • Czech voters say NO to euronegativism

    Opinion | Enlargement 17-06-2002

    Czech voters say NO to euronegativism The Czech parliamentary elections on 14/15 June have sent a clear signal to Europe: the aggressive campaign of Václav Klaus and his Civic Democratic Party (ODS), calling upon voters to rally behind "national interests" and …

  • Czechs elect new government

    News | Enlargement 14-06-2002

    The Czech general elections of 14-15 June will decide whether the Czech Republic will be led into the EU by a pro-European Socialist or a Euro-skeptic Conservative government.

  • Two biggest Czech parties head to head in election campaign

    News | Enlargement 11-06-2002

    Four days before the Czech parliamentary elections (14-15 June), the governing Social Democrats, headed by Vladimir Spidla, are back at the top of opinion polls with 28 per cent of the votes. The Conservative Civic Democratic Party, led by Vaclav Klaus, would finish second winning 24 per cent of votes.