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Central Europe 12-02-2016

Romanian PM dismisses tax chiefs over EU funds fraud inquiry

Romania's prime minister sacked the head of the tax authority and his deputy on Thursday (11 September), a day after anti-corruption prosecutors said they were being investigated as part of a probe into the misappropriation of European funds.
Europe's East 27-01-2016

‘Last chance’ for Moldova’s pro-EU government after mass protests

Moldova's new Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, said yesterday (26 January) that his government faces a "last chance" to regain public trust as the country a battles deep political crisis, calling for calm from protesters demanding his resignation.
Central Europe 25-01-2016

Mini-Schengen not an option, for now

A majority of EU countries seem to be hostile to the idea of a "mini-Schengen", capable of better controlling its common borders, which was floated by the Netherlands at the end of last year.
EU Priorities 2020 22-01-2016

Romania still wants to join shaky Schengen

Romania's Prime Minister still wants to see his country join Schengen, despite it having an uncertain future. EURACTIV France reports.

Romania discusses security concerns with US envoy

US Deputy Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland has praised Romania's "substantial" progress in judicial reform and combatting corruption. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Elections 16-11-2015

Paris attacks hit sensitive nerve in Romania

The Paris attacks have hit a sensitive nerve in Romania, which is mourning the victims of a fire in a Bucharest nightclub that brought down the government of Prime Minister Victor Ponta. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Elections 05-11-2015

Ex-Commissioner Dacian Ciolos to be Romania’s next PM

EXCLUSIVE/ Dacian Cioloș, the former Commissioner for Agriculture in the executive led by José Manuel Barroso, will be Romania's new premier, two credible sources told EURACTIV today (5 October).
Agrifood 07-10-2015

Commission’s proposal for stricter thresholds in organic farming opposed

The European Commission is considering stricter pesticide limits for organic products. The organic sector and the European Parliament are not in agreement. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Agrifood 21-09-2015

Agricultural market volatility is ‘here to stay’

SPECIAL REPORT / The farmers' protests that paralysed Brussels on 7 September, and hit Europe over the summer, are the result of agriculture prices volatility, which experts say "is here to stay". EURACTIV Italy reports.
EU Elections 2014 01-09-2014

Romania makes second nomination for commissioner

Romanian President Traian B?sescu expressed outrage upon learning at the 30 August EU summit that Prime Minister Victor Ponta had made a second nomination for commissioner. It was previously announced that both the President and the Prime Minister back Dacian Ciolo?, the present EU Commissioner for Agriculture, for a second term, hopefully with the same portfolio.
Agrifood 29-08-2014

Dairy sector to receive emergency EU funding following Russian trade ban

The European Union will use agricultural funds to help EU producers store butter, Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and cheese, to help diminish the impact of the Russian ban on EU food imports, the Commission announced on Thursday (28 August).
Corina Cretu, photo website of Corina Cretu
EU Elections 2014 28-08-2014

Sources: Romania has other candidates if Ciolo? doesn’t get agriculture

The formation of the new European Commission confronts Romania with unprecedented challenges, as the country seeks to retain its agriculture portfolio for a second term. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Agrifood 18-08-2014

EU farmers handed €125 million to offset Russia sanctions

EU farmers will get financial help of up to €125 million to help them cope with the impact of Russia's ban on most Western food imports, which has created a glut of fruit and vegetables in peak harvest time, the European Commission said on Monday (18 August).
Agrifood 28-07-2014

Organic farming has grown rapidly, says EU

The organic farming sector has grown rapidly over the past ten years, to about 500,000 new hectares every year, according to EU statistics.
Jean-Claude Juncker is hoping for support from a majority in the European Parliament on 17 July after being nominated for Commission President by the European Council. [EP]
EU Elections 2014 16-07-2014

Commission ‘clusterisation’ may follow EU budget headings

The future Commission could be designed along “clusters” reflecting the five headings of the EU budget. Accordingly, five Commission Vice Presidents will be responsible for these clusters, but the concept of “junior” and “senior” commissioners has been rejected, sources told EURACTIV.
EU Elections 2014 26-06-2014

Romania to resend Dacian Ciolo? as commissioner

Both the centre-right Romanian President Traian B?sescu and the Socialist Prime Minister Victor Ponta  announced their official support for Dacian Ciolo?, the present EU Commissioner for Agriculture, to run for a second term, hopefully with the same portfolio. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Agrifood 21-11-2013

Parliament backs farm policy reforms

The European Parliament has agreed to a "fairer and greener" reform of the EU’s agriculture policy, but MEPs from across the political spectrum weighed in with their discontent.
Agrifood 24-09-2013

Stakes high for farmers as EU risks CAP delay

Farmers could miss out on huge EU payments if ministers and parliamentarians fail to complete the last set of negotiations for Europe’s new agriculture policy today (24 September).

Brussels chops through EU forest rules

An agriculture council is to discuss today (23 September) the EU’s new forest strategy, which aims to cut through the mass of rules governing the protection of forests.
Agrifood 19-04-2013

Commission calls for year-long transition for farm policy

In an acknowledgement that agricultural policy has been knocked off course by prolonged deal-making, the European Commission on Thursday (18 April) announced plans for a year-long transition to give farmers and administrators time to implement the still-undecided policies.
Agrifood 14-03-2013

After landmark CAP vote, the hard work begins

MEPs exercised their power to shape agricultural policy for the first time on Wednesday (13 March), voting to adopt a controversial package of legislation that now faces a fresh round of negotiations with national leaders. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
Agrifood 15-02-2013

Fate of green CAP plans hangs on Parliament

Conservationists angered by efforts to “gut” Europe’s future farm policy are banking on the full European Parliament to protect the environmental standards proposed by the European Commission.
Regional Policy 27-09-2012

French ‘Chateau’ wines get a respite from US imports

The European Commission has postponed indefinitely a decision that would permit American wines to use the term “chateau” in the European market, a move which only France opposes. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Agrifood 20-09-2012

Ciolo? promotes ties between farmers, consumers in CAP reform

Dacian Ciolo?, EU commissioner responsible for agriculture and rural development, assured environmental groups on Wednesday (19 September) that their voices were being heard as negotiations on the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform were entering a decisive stage.