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Exposure to carcinogens at work in EU’s crosshairs

The EU Agency for Safety and Health at Work has launched a joint campaign with the European Commission and the Bulgarian EU Presidency aimed at raising awareness of dangerous substances at work while sounding the alarm about the surging costs related to cancer.

‘Unaware’ French firms set to miss REACH deadline

The EU's REACH regulation requires companies to register all their dangerous chemical products and those they use in large quantities by 30 November. Yet in France, some manufacturers run the risk of missing the deadline as they are unaware that the law applies to them. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 06-09-2007

Hauliers baulk at EU plans for dangerous cargo

Parliament has backed rules allowing member states to prescribe specific modes of transport or routes for transporters of dangerous goods such as chemicals, despite fierce protests from hauliers, who claim that this will "complicate the business exponentially".