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Denmark wants to cooperate ‘as much as possible’ on European defence

Denmark will take part as much as possible in European defence cooperation outside NATO, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said after meeting France's president on Tuesday (28 August).

Denmark offered arrangement for ‘specific’ Europol membership

Premier Lars Løkke Rasmussen was offered an arrangement for Denmark to continue using the Europol database today (15 December), to help minimise the consequences of the 2015 referendum in which Danes maintained their opt-out from EU justice and home affairs.

EU offers Denmark police data access amid terror warnings

The European Commission yesterday (8 December) offered Denmark continued partial access to Europol's database even though the country voted against full membership of the police organisation, which fears new terror attacks across Europe.
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Juncker sad about the Dutch referendum, Cameron says it won’t affect Brexit

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker was saddened by the outcome of a Dutch referendum which saw voters reject a key EU pact with Ukraine, his spokesman said today (7 April).

Minister: Denmark’s security opt-out ‘problematic’ after Brussels attacks

Denmark's Minister for Justice Søren Pind worries that his country will increasingly miss out on important information that could prevent terror attacks, after EU ministers yesterday (24 March) agreed to step up the information sharing between intelligence services.

Denmark rejects further EU integration in referendum

Danes voted against adopting a 'flexible' opt-in arrangement on EU justice legislation in a referendum on Thursday (3 December). Parties said the 'No' result was due to a Danish refusal to give up more sovereignty to the EU. 

Denmark headed for ‘No’ in EU referendum

Danes are heading to the ballot box today (3 December) to cast their votes on a proposed opt-in to EU Justice and Home Affairs laws. The 'No' side is leading, according to the latest opinion polls.

Denmark’s under-reported referendum plays into Brexit debate

Hardly anyone has noticed that Denmark is holding an EU referendum tomorrow - but the result could shape the Brexit debate, argues Denis MacShane.

Danish opt-out referendum marked by refugee debate

Eurosceptic Denmark goes to the polls on Thursday (3 December) in a referendum on stepping up its participation in EU police and judicial cooperation, with the outcome uncertain amid fears ranging from jihadist attacks to the refugee crisis.

Paris killings overshadow Danish EU referendum

The terror attacks in Paris on Friday (13 November) could play a role when Danes go the polls on 3 December, to vote on Denmark's opt-out on Justice and Home Affairs.
The right-wing Danish People's Party (DF) has been pushing for a referendum on Denmark's membership in the EU

Danish government plans referendum on EU defence opt-out

Denmark plans to hold a referendum on ending its opt-out from the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy, Defence Minister Carl Holst was quoted on Wednesday (5 August) as saying.
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New Danish government calls referendum on EU Justice opt-out

Denmark's new conservative-liberal government has called a referendum in 2015 to decide on a more flexible opt-in arrangement on EU Justice matters, an area where the country currently has a strict opt-out, according to the government's work programme published yesterday (28 June).