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Economy & Jobs 08-11-2018

EU must look after regions, even if future funding is cut

European border regions matter and the EU must continue looking after them despite planned cuts for Cohesion policy funding, particularly as some of them remain under-developed, participants at a recent EURACTIV event said, highlighting the example of Romania-Bulgaria cross-border cooperation.
Economy & Jobs 03-10-2018

Deputy mayor: A second bridge at Ruse-Giurgiu is a priority

Strahil Karapchanski, the deputy mayor of Ruse, the largest Bulgarian city on the Danube, told EURACTIV about the history, the present and his hopes for the future of cross-border regional cooperation with Romania, which he has helped to oversee.
EU Priorities 2020 21-12-2010

The Hungarian EU Presidency [Archived]

Budget talks, farm reform and economic governance top the agenda of Hungary's EU presidency, but the country's six-month stint at the bloc's helm has been overshadowed by criticism of a controversial media law adopted by Budapest.
Regional Policy 21-05-2010

Inter-regional projects key to Danube Strategy, EU says

The EU's Danube Strategy will succeed best if it uses inter-regional projects to achieve its goals, EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn announced at a conference held in Rouse, Bulgaria earlier this month. Dvevnik, EURACTIV's partner in Bulgaria, reports.
Regional Policy 01-03-2010

No new money for Danube Strategy, leaders confirm

Leaders from Central and Eastern Europe said last week that while they support the new EU strategy for the Danube region, no new funding will be made available for it. EURACTIV Hungary reports.
Regional Policy 19-02-2010

Spain calls for ‘Atlantic Strategy’

The Spanish EU Presidency has called for an 'Atlantic Arc' strategy for cooperation between Western Europe's maritime countries, which would be the latest in a series of ad hoc blueprints for macro-regional development across Europe.