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EU-Africa 01-08-2018

Central Africa rebels rearm after military gets Russia weapons

Russia's supply of weapons to the Central African Republic's military has sparked an arms race, with rebels turning to traffickers in Sudan for fresh gun shipments, according to a UN panel of experts.
Development Policy 24-10-2017

EU offers €106 million in urgent aid for Sudan

The European Commission on Monday (23 October) announced a €106 million aid package for Sudan, saying around 4.8 million people needed urgent humanitarian assistance in the African country.
Global Europe 02-11-2016

Berlin questions authenticity of claims Sudan used chemical weapons

Amnesty International has accused Sudan of using chemical weapons, but the German government has its doubts about the organisation’s report, labelling their claims as “implausible”. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Agrifood 02-03-2016

Oxfam: Land disputes escalating poverty and conflicts

Failure to protect land rights could lead to worldwide conflict, poverty and human rights violations, a report by Oxfam has warned. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 04-02-2015

Jan Eliasson: There is no peace without development

UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, who just returned from a number of missions to Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, said Tuesday (3 February) that the international community and the EU should be more active after the end of a conflict, to make sure that it does not happen again.
Development Policy 24-07-2013

Georgieva reaches out to the ‘country that the world forgot’

The Central African Republic is a “country that the world forgot” and could become “a second Somalia” without additional support, EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said, pledging 15% of her budget to overlooked crises.
Security 06-12-2011

Sudan envoy: China understands the basic needs of people

Since the Europeans left Sudan, we are delighted to have the Chinese, who, unlike the Europeans, understand the basic needs of people, Baha Aldin Hanafi, ambassador of Sudan to Berlin, told EURACTIV Germany in an exclusive interview.
Global Europe 15-07-2011

South Sudan: A new chapter begins

The recent independence of the Republic of South Sudan (9 July) marks a significant break in the history of Africa. European Union engagement with the young nation will be critical to resolving the region's difficulties, notably in terms of a food crisis, peace and ongoing problems in Darfur, argues Manuel Manrique.
Global Europe 01-10-2007

2000-strong EU force to protect Darfur refugees

EU defence ministers decided at their meeting on 27 September to send an EU force into Chad and the Central African Republic to help protect civilians from violence in neighbouring Darfur.
Security 17-09-2004

MEPs urge action on Darfur, call crisis “genocide”

In a strongly-worded resolution, MEPs have called for targeted sanctions against those responsible for "genocide" in Sudan's Darfur region.