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Europe's East 23-07-2015

Ukraine’s road to reform

The EU must support Ukraine’s efforts at political and economic reform and help the country on its way to prosperity, argue David Lidington and Konrad Pawlik. 
Digital & Media 22-10-2013

Europe at the turning point

Europe is at a turning point as fewer than a third of people in France trust the EU, according to a eurobarometer poll. So Europe's leaders have to work together to shape a Europe that delivers for its citizens and this week's summit represents a chance to sweep away bureaucracy and move ahead on the digital economy, writes David Lidington.
Brexit 01-03-2013

What does EU membership mean for the UK?

This is a defining moment for Europe, according to the UK’s Europe Minister, David Lidington. The UK’s Balance of Competences Review is not designed as a prelude to cherry-picking the Treaties, or to British exit from the EU, he argues, and asks for European input in the process.