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Global Europe 08-01-2019

EU puzzled by downgrade of its ambassador to Washington

The EU is currently discussing “possible implications” of a change in the diplomatic protocol in the US, which resulted in the Union having been downgraded in the precedence list to the level of an international organisation, together with the African Union.
Politics 21-02-2018

The Brief – Kartenhaus von Selmayr

For those who like to describe the EU bubble as the European version of ‘House of Cards’, today we saw its season’s finale. Our very own Frank Underwood secured a post to prolong his power and influence beyond the expected expiry date.

EU protests US limitations to visa-free travel

European diplomats, led by EU Ambassador to Washington David O'Sullivan, have warned of potential retaliation against the United States, after Congress passed a bill excluding EU travelers deemed by Washington to be a risk.
Trade & Society 16-02-2015

Ambassador O’Sullivan: No need to panic or fret over TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is not some pre-defined monolith to be admired or despised, but a concept which will be shaped by the negotiators and then be accepted or rejected by our respective democratic processes. "We will get there and we will get it right," said David O'Sullivan in an interview with EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 08-10-2007

O’Sullivan: ‘We are now close to the end point on Doha’

The Commission's Director-General for Trade David O'Sullivan tells EURACTIV he remains optimistic that global trade negotiations can still be succesfully concluded, even if it does mean the EU will have to offer more concessions on agricultural tariffs, and reminds the bloc's 27 members just how much free trade and globalisation has benefited them.