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Future EU 18-12-2012

The Council’s brazen Nobel fraud

The message of the EU Council’s Nobel Prize exhibition is a tribute to France's General de Gaulle, writes David Price who wonders: Is the Council now openly declaring it is a Bastion of Gaullism?
Future EU 06-12-2012

Why the Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded to the EU

Was the Nobel Prize Foundation wrong to award its prize to the European Union? Yes, argues David Price. The prize should have gone long ago to the European Community and Robert Schuman, its founder.
Euro & Finance 05-07-2011

Why is the European Central Bank president still a plaything of politicians?

Given that European Central Bank is playing a growing role in the lives of ordinary citizens, it is high time for the process of choosing its president to become more democratic, rather than being dominated by the governments of member states, argues David H. Price.