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Belgian Commissioner De Gucht to face trial for tax fraud

The Belgian tax authorities have asked Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht to pay the state some €900,000 for not having reported a €1.2 million gain he and his wife made from a transaction before he became commissioner in 2009.
Development Policy 12-03-2013

Red tape in the crosshairs as EU targets global WTO deal

The European Commission is pushing to secure a World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement that would cut red tape in trade and increase worldwide income by over €30 billion. Two thirds of this would go to developing countries.
Global Europe 25-05-2012

EU-Argentina disputes escalate

  The European Union filed a suit against Argentina's import restrictions with the World Trade Organization (WTO) today (25 May), intensifying the disputes between the South American nation and its trading partners.
Digital & Media 05-04-2012

Commission sides with business on ACTA

The European Commission took a stance yesterday (4 April) in favour of a quick adoption of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), against the will of the European Parliament, which plans to reject it in a plenary vote by the summer.
Trade & Society 13-09-2010

EU leaders set to back trade waiver for flood-hit Pakistan

EU heads of state meeting this week in Brussels are set to approve a trade waiver for Pakistan to help the Asian country recover from the devastating August floods.
Trade & Society 09-09-2010

De Gucht under fire over EU-Pakistan trade proposal

A proposal by EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht to temporarily open up the European textile market to flood-hit Pakistan was denounced by other commissioners as "disguised aid" and a threat to the textile industry.
Languages & Culture 06-09-2010

De Gucht apologises for having offended Jews

European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht apologised on 3 September for comments he made about Jews in a recent interview. The European Commission distanced itself from the offensive statements, but that did not stop commentators and Jewish organisations from talking of a "new wave" of anti-Semitism and racism across Europe.