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Euro & Finance 28-08-2015

ESM chief: Grexit still possible

Greece runs the risk of having to withdraw from the eurozone if it does not comply with its payment and reform obligations, says the European Stability Mechanism's Managing Director, Klaus Regling. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 27-08-2015

Ahead of election, Syriza poses as guarantor of bailout deal

A major sell-off of Greek public assets promised as part of its huge international bailout will go ahead as planned, outgoing Greek Economy Minister Georges Stathakis said on Wednesday (26 August), despite looming snap elections.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2015

Greece submits reform plan two hours before midnight deadline

Greece laid out details of a new bailout plan to save it from the brink of financial collapse on Thursday night (9 July), offering a pensions overhaul and tax hikes in return for debt relief and a rescue loan from the eurozone.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2015

Leading economists urge Merkel to cut Greek debt

Renowned economists Thomas Piketty, Jeffrey Sachs and three others urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday (7 July) to agree to cut Greece's debt to "avoid further disaster".
Economy & Jobs 07-07-2015

Schäuble says Greek debt haircut ‘not allowed’

“Whoever knows the European treaties knows that a debt haircut is not allowed for bail-out,” Germany's Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, said on Tuesday (7 July) upon his arrival in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 07-07-2015

German economists predict higher risk of Grexit following referendum

After the “No” vote in Greece, German economists are saying “it boils down to a Grexit”, predicting the country is on its way out of the eurozone. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 11-02-2015

Grexit supported by 1 in 2 Germans

A FOCUS survey reports that 48% of Germans are in favour of Greece leaving the eurozone. 29% of respondents said they supported Greece keeping the euro, and 23% is undecided. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 04-02-2015

German conservatives reject Greek demands for debt haircut, end to Troika visits

Ahead of a visit from the new Greek Finance Minister in Berlin on Thursday (5 February), the centre-right faction in the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house, is standing its ground on Greece’s reform commitments, rejecting a debt haircut and an end to Troika inspections. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Euro & Finance 02-04-2013

EC on latest developments in Cyprus

Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders on 25 March to shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians, in return for a €10-billion bailout. Under the deal, Cyprus Popular Bank will be closed and its guaranteed deposits of up to €100,000 transferred to the biggest bank, Bank of Cyprus.
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Economy & Jobs 18-03-2013

Cyprus delays vote on EU bailout, Putin calls plan ‘dangerous’

Cyprus' parliament has delayed a crucial vote until Tuesday about a controversial bailout deal reached by the EU and the IMF at the weekend. The newly-elected center-right president Nicos Anastasiades presented the deal as the only solution possible to avoid bankrapci and is currently seeking support from other political parties to ratify the agreement. He has already promised to soften the conditions for small savers.