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Public Affairs 16-02-2017

Comitology reform: Doing, undoing and redoing is still hard work

To avoid taking responsibility for contentious proposals like GMO and pesticide approvals, the European Commission’s proposed comitology reform aims to put member states in the frontline, writes Daniel Guéguen.
Public Affairs 15-02-2017

Commission fluffs lines on decision-making reform

The European Commission has revealed its long-awaited reform of the so-called comitology decision-making process. But it has already been criticised for not being ambitious enough and concerns have been raised about whether the proposal stands any chance of being approved.

EU citizens force water debate onto agenda

Water and who should provide it - the public or private sector - has become the first issue to be pushed onto Brussels' policy agenda via a new mechanism meant to involve ordinary people in EU decision-making.
Public Affairs 29-09-2010

Auditors assess role of impact studies in EU decision-making

Impact assessments have been "broadly effective" in supporting decision-making within the EU institutions, but have failed to take account of amendments made to legislation by the Parliament and member states, found a European Court of Auditors report published yesterday (28 September). 

The Mozilla model of participatory innovation

Mitchell Baker, the chairman and former CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, seeks to explain how the free browser has come to rival Microsoft's market-leading Internet Explorer in just ten years during an interview with the McKinsey Quarterly. 
Public Affairs 25-05-2007

Management of interests: ‘Multi-level lobbying’

In order to make their voices heard within the multi-level governance systems of the European Union, federations must keep an eye both on the European and the national level, authors Hans F. Bellstedt, Sandra Roling and Hubert Koch state in the recent edition of the German magazine 'Verbändereport' ('Federation Report'). 
EU Priorities 2020 20-09-2004

The struggle for a common statute of MEPs

This paper analyses the decisive factors for the blockage of the adoption of a common statute of MEPs.