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Energy 30-03-2018

Faria MEP: Offshore Safety Directive is ripe for reform

The Portuguese lawmaker behind the most recent European Parliament resolution on the safety of offshore drilling, told EURACTIV why he opposes moves to open up oil and gas fields in European waters, not least in his home country Portugal.
Energy 06-10-2015

BP to pay record fine for Deepwater Horizon oil spill

The US government on Monday (5 October) announced the details of a record $20 billion civil settlement with the British oil company BP over the 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
Energy 22-02-2013

Europe to get its first EU-wide offshore oil and gas law

The EU proposed yesterday (21 February) its first law to regulate safety in offshore oil and gas drilling across the 27-member bloc and prevent any repeat of BP's catastrophic Gulf of Mexico spill.
Energy 16-01-2013

UK seeks to water down Arctic oil drilling proposals

The UK government is seeking to water down planned EU regulations on deep-sea oil drilling, even while insisting to MPs that it wants "robust environmental protection" for oil drilling in the Arctic.
Energy 30-03-2012

Commission learns lessons from gas platform flare

A high-pressure gas leak from a North Sea offshore platform operated by Total shows that the security of oil and gas operations is still a critical issue in Europe, the European Commission said yesterday (29 March).
Climate change 26-10-2011

EU crackdown on oil firms will not extend to overseas operations

European plans to crack down on oil companies, with orders to improve safety to prevent a spill like that in the Gulf of Mexico last year, will be unveiled on Thursday (26 October).
Energy 14-09-2011

Parliament rejects calls for offshore oil drilling ban

The European Parliament has rejected calls for a moratorium on offshore drilling, pushing instead for Brussels to adopt new rules obliging oil majors to subscribe to insurance schemes in order to cover the potentially disastrous consequences of an oil spill.
Energy 17-01-2011

Environmentalists blast UK-Russia ‘Bolshoi Petroleum’ deal

BP agreed on 14 January to form a joint venture with Rosneft to develop three massive offshore exploration blocks that Rosneft owns in the Arctic territory of Russia. US lawmakers, the UK's opposition Labour party and environmentalists blasted the deal, which has been dubbed 'Bolshoi Petroleum'.
Climate change 12-10-2010

UK sees no need for EU deepwater drilling ban

There is no case for declaring a moratorium on deepwater oil or gas drilling in British waters, the UK government said yesterday (11 October), as the EU is expected to call for a temporary ban until probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Climate change 11-10-2010

Oettinger plans EU deepwater drilling ban

Europe's energy chief will this week call for a temporary ban on new deepwater drilling for oil until a probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a draft document shows.
Energy 08-07-2010

Oettinger proposes deepwater drilling moratorium

The European Union should consider a moratorium on new deepwater drilling for oil until a probe is completed into the causes of BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Europe's energy chief said on yesterday (7 July).
Climate change 24-06-2010

Brussels convenes safety talks on deep-sea oil drilling

In the aftermath of the BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger and Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik will meet representatives of oil and gas companies and national surveillance authorities on 14 July 2010.