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  • Spain overtakes France as the eurozone’s problem child

    News | Euro & Finance 17-11-2015

    France’s budget deficit is unlikely to fall below 3% of GDP by 2017. But the deterioration of Spain's public finances may save Paris the worst criticisms. EURACTIV France reports

  • French deficit and public debt will reach new records in 2015

    News | Euro & Finance 01-10-2014

    Despite planned cuts of 50 billion euros over three years, France will face a deficit of 95 billion euros in 2015. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Manuel Valls not concerned about Europe

    News | Euro & Finance 09-04-2014

    The new French Prime Minister won a vote of confidence in the country’s national assembly following a speech that barely mentioned Europe. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Brussels rings French deficit alarm

    News | Euro & Finance 07-03-2014

    The European Commission has issued a warning about imbalances in France's economy. But an excessive budget deficit threatens to expose the country to first-time sanctions.

  • Barroso warns MEPs EU is running out of cash

     Video | Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2013

    Only hours before EU leaders are due to meet in Brussels, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso called on MEPs and European governments to reach a deal on the 2013 EU budget.
    During a plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Barroso warned that he EU's executive is running out of money and might not be able to pays its bills as from mid-November.
    According to the Commission, the current shortfall is due to unexpected low income from European imports duties.

  • EU warns Portugal to stick to fiscal targets after court ruling

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-04-2013

    Brussels has warned Portugal to stick to the bailout austerity measures agreed in 2011 or risk losing further financial hep.
    The warning came following a decision by the Portuguese constitutional court to reject a set of unpopular public spending cuts aimed at reducing the country's deficit.
    In a televised speech on Sunday, Portugal's prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho described the country's economic situation as a 'national emergency' and pled to follow the terms agreed with international lenders.

  • Weak growth makes eurozone falter in reining in deficit

    News | Euro & Finance 22-02-2013

    Several eurozone countries are likely to miss deficit cutting targets because of a weak economy, the European Commission is expected to forecast today (22 February), but they may be granted extra leeway rather than face disciplinary action.

  • Euro Monitor: Which countries are best placed to exit the crisis?

     Video | Promoted content | Economic governance 15-03-2012

    The economic and financial crisis has revealed a number of weaknesses in the economic governance of the EU's economic and monetary union.
    The EU and its Member States have taken a series of important decisions that will mean stronger• economic and budgetary coordination for the EU as a whole and for the euro area in particular. Thus, in May 2011, the Member States agreed to establish a rescue mechanism worth €750 billion to protect the euro from collapsing under the weight of accumulated debt.

  • EU cohesion reform burdened by debt rules

    News | Regional Policy 07-10-2011

    The European Commission has unveiled yesterday (6 October) its blueprint for the next generation of EU cohesion funds after 2013, under which it will be able to suspend funding if member states flout budget rules or breach the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact. 

  • IMF warns France on deficit target

    News | Euro & Finance 28-07-2011

    The International Monetary Fund urged France yesterday (27 July) to take additional deficit-cutting measures to safeguard its AAA credit rating and to undertake structural reforms to improve flagging competitiveness.

  • Greece will turn to IMF if EU fails to help

    News | Euro & Finance 19-03-2010

    Greece has given what amounts to an ultimatum to the European Union to come up with a clear offer of standby loans next week or face the embarrassment of Athens asking the International Monetary Fund for help.

  • EU to launch first eurozone rescue operation in Greece

    News | Euro & Finance 10-02-2010

    German sources said on 9 February that European governments had agreed in principle to help Greece in what would be the first rescue of a eurozone member in the currency's 11-year history. The informal EU summit to be held tomorrow (11 February) is expected to address the issue.