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Euro & Finance 31-03-2016

Germany cuts public debt to €2.15 trillion in 2015

Germany, Europe's biggest economy, shaved 24 billion off its overall public debt burden to 2.153 trillion in 2015, the Bundesbank said on Thursday (31 March).
Euro & Finance 13-01-2016

‘Zeroflation’ baffles central bankers

Discussions between central bankers often revolve around interest rates. But for the architects of the world's monetary policy, who met in Paris on Tuesday (12 January), ultra-low interest rates were the order of the day. EURACTIV France reports
Trading floor of Frankfurt's stock exchange

Eurozone exits deflation, but dangers still loom

The eurozone exited four months of deflation in April, official data showed on Thursday (30 April), reversing a dangerous bout of declining prices. But problems remain, and the recovery is weak.
Markus Ferber
Euro & Finance 22-01-2015

Markus Ferber: ECB bond-buying plan ‘beyond mandate’

EXCLUSIVE: A planned bond-buying programme expected from the European Central Bank (ECB) today (22 January) would be unconstitutional, a leading MEP has told EURACTIV in the firmest statement of German opposition to the move.
Euro & Finance 21-01-2015

Germany frowns as ECB prepares for new bond-buying scheme

With the European Central Bank (ECB) expected to announce a new bond-buying programme on Thursday (22 January), experts in Germany are warning of falling prices and ebbing investment, while the government attempts to distance itself from the upcoming ECB decision. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 24-10-2014

Europe’s fiscal wormhole

To prevent the misuse of money, the European Commission should vet all national investment projects, writes Guntram B. Wolff. It would be an important step toward establishing the eurozone’s missing fiscal union.
US Secretary of the Treasury Jacob J. Lew [US Dept. of the Treasury/Flickr]

US warns Europe on deflation, calls on Germany to act

The United States renewed a warning that Europe risks falling into a downward spiral of falling wages and prices on Wednesday (15 October), saying recent actions by the European Central Bank may not be enough to ward off deflation.
Euro & Finance 22-09-2014

ECB will use ‘unconventional tools’ to spur eurozone growth

The European Central Bank stands ready to use additional unconventional tools if needed to spur inflation and growth in the eurozone, ECB President Mario Draghi said on Monday (22 September).
Mario Draghi at the ECB Press Conference in Frankfurt am Main, on 4 Sept. 2014 [ECB/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 05-09-2014

ECB rate cut boosts Spanish, Italian yields

Yields on the eurozone's lower rated debt fell on Friday as the European Central Bank's rate cuts and openness to a large scale bond buying programme pushed investors towards riskier assets in their quest to maximise returns.
Euro & Finance 16-06-2014

Eurozone price inflation hits trough in May

A further slowdown in eurozone inflation in May was confirmed on Monday (16 June), as the cost of telecommunication and food kept prices low, confirming a problem that the European Central Bank recently sought to stem.