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EU Priorities 2020 17-10-2012

Delors disciples request leaders to draw vision for the future

It is high time that EU leaders drew a vision for the future of the Union, several pundits argued yesterday (16 October), as they urged heads of state and government meeting in Brussels to clearly spell out which direction the 27-countries bloc is going before the end of the year.
Future EU 04-10-2010

EU chief negotiator recalls German reunification talks

East and West Germany reunified on 3 October 1990, less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The historic event was described as EU "enlargement without accession" by Carlo Trojan, the European Commission's chief negotiator on Germany's reunification. He spoke to EURACTIV Germany for the first time since those days.
Future EU 03-12-2009

Nine years’ gestation, a difficult birth, 231 pages, undetermined weight: A treaty is born

"The unedifying spectacle of the 'ratification saga' and subsequent institutional patch-up [...] should lead us to ask again about the desirability of retaining the veto, which allows a single member state to paralyse the entire [European] Union," argues French think-tank Notre Europe in a December paper.
EU Priorities 2020 03-12-2009

Delors: I could be more critical of the Lisbon Treaty

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, former European Commission President Jacques Delors explained that there are parts of the Lisbon Treaty which he disagrees with or is less than favourable towards. 
Central Europe 10-11-2009

Jouyet: Berlin Wall collapse strained Franco-German relations

Beyond the enthusiasm provoked by the collapse of the Berlin Wall, France had to learn how to live with reunified Germany, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, former European Affaires Secretary, told EURACTIV France in an exclusive interview.
Brexit 31-08-2009

Next Commission needs ‘courage’ to redress Europe’s economy, experts say

Political analysts in Brussels are urging the next European Commission to be bolder and more strategic than it has been so far in proposing ways out of the crisis as it will have to ward off economic nationalism and win over EU governments and citizens.
Future EU 03-05-2005

Grand old men of French left boost ‘yes’ vote

The entry of French left-wing heavyweights such as Jacques Delors and Lionel Jospin into the campaign has given the 'yes' vote a boost. The 'yes' vote now leads in the most recent polls. 
Euro & Finance 19-01-2004

Delors criticises Court case over euro rules

Jacques Delors has criticised the Commission's resolution to challenge the EU's finance ministers' decision of 25 November 2003 to suspend the Stability and Growth Pact.
Security 02-04-2003

Delors urges partnership between Europe and America

Jacques Delors believes that President Chirac is leading France into a diplomatic cul-de-sac over Iraq, and that Europe is unlikely to create a genuine common foreign policy "in the next 20 years".
Enlargement 25-04-2000


Several elder European statesmen as well as German industry leaders are questioning the timescales for enlargement.