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Global Europe 15-06-2022

‘The war has changed Ukrainians inside out’

The war has changed Ukrainians inside out, each one going through this traumatic war experience differently and will remember different scenes, like students holding their graduation ceremonies at the ruins of their schools, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Central Asia 06-05-2021

Kazakhstan invests in human capital to avoid brain drain

Kazakhstan continues to rejuvenate its public administration in a drive to keep talented youth at home and achieve two major goals: modernising the Central Asian country and avoiding brain drain.
Coronavirus 29-01-2021

One of Bulgaria’s oldest doctors keeps up virus fight

Infectious disease specialist Dr Maria Bogoeva was ready to hang up her scrubs and retire from her post in a small provincial hospital in western Bulgaria when the coronavirus pandemic struck.
Global Europe 20-07-2018

Migration can only be tackled by the EU as a whole

Without a shared EU foreign policy, the notion of halting future migration waves is unrealistic, write Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Samuel Doveri Vesterbye. Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP (Bulgaria) is ALDE Vice President and Member of the European Parliament; Samuel Doveri Vesterbye is...
Future EU 17-01-2018

Tens of millions of Africans will try to come to Europe. What’s the EU policy?

Demographics suggest that Africans taking the perilous journey to Europe will be in their millions, and perhaps their tens of millions, writes Giles Merritt.
Euro & Finance 18-05-2016

Refugees can bring significant economic benefit: report

A new international study released today [18 May] finds significant economic benefits for wealthy EU countries that accept refugees. But one of the weaknesses of the report appears to be that it does not analyse the case in poorer EU countries in central and eastern Europe.
Global Europe 09-02-2016

Pope says he angered Merkel with ‘grandmother Europe’ comment

Pope Francis has revealed that he received an angry phone call from German Chancellor Angela Merkel after he compared Europe to a "barren woman", in an interview published Monday (8 February).
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Development Policy 25-11-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Demography is a vehicle for development

The Global Monitoring Report 2015/2016, Development Goals in an Era of Demographic Change, was published on 6 November. It revealed that demographic trends had changed dramatically over the last 30 years.
Development Policy 06-11-2015

Migration will be win-win for world, finds World Bank report

There is a clear win-win situation for the world, in both the medium and longer term, for more migration to happen, Philip Schellekens told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview on the day the World Bank published its Global Monitoring Report 2015-16.
Health 15-02-2012

The ageing demographic: Nothing to fear but fear itself

Sweden's prime minister suggested recently that in future citizens might have to work until 75 before receiving pensions. Fears are widespread about the knock-on effects of the sharply ageing demographic in Europe. Leading demographer Andreas Edel argues that Europeans need to look on the bright side of a longer life.

Pension crisis looms as over-65s to double by 2060

From 2015 onwards, deaths would outnumber births in the EU so that, by 2060, one in three Europeans will be aged over 65, putting a huge burden on the economy and public finances, the Commission warned yesterday (26 August).

Structural change demands greater mobility

As a result of ageing populations and structural changes, mobility is set to rise in the next 15-20 years, says Stefan Schneider in an April research paper for Deutsche Bank.

Workers unenthusiastic about ‘Active Ageing’

Legislation aimed at delaying retirement is seen as having little impact, as employees push for an early exit from the labour market while companies continue to lay off older staff.

Europe urged to adapt workforce to ageing

Migration will not provide a long-term solution to Europe's ageing crisis. Instead, policymakers must focus on getting people to have more babies while working 'longer and better', business leaders declared at the European Business Summit.

Report claims employment of over-55s ‘crucial’ to easing pension crisis

Aon Consulting finds that the most sustainable pension systems have a high percentage of private pensions, affordable state payouts and high employment rates among 55-64-year- olds.
Health 18-10-2006

Analysis: Cross-Atlantic exchange to advance long-term care

This CEPS paper looks at recent developments in the EU and US regarding the provision of high-quality, affordable long-term care (LTC) for older people.

Spidla presents strategy to solve “demographic crisis”

More babies, longer working lives, increased labour productivity, well-managed immigration and "sustainable" public finances are the five remedies for Europe's demographic crisis, according to a new Commission communication.

Commission to tackle demographic challenge

Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla is set to present a strategy to deal with the double challenge of an ageing population and declining birth rates in Europe.

Report: no need for a harmonised EU family policy

Faced with the demographic challenges of declining birth rates and ageing populations, a new research report concludes that a European "one size fits all" approach to family policy will not work.