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Brexit 22-08-2017

MacShane: ‘We can leave the EU but not the single market’

To stop Brexit now would require another referendum and there is no public appetite for it, according to Denis MacShane. Instead, he argues the British government should push to remain in the single market and keep trade with Europe open.
Brexit 19-09-2016

Switzerland and EU head – politely – for the rocks

As all eyes focus on Brexit - where everything has changed but nothing has started - there is another proud European democracy which would like to shut its doors to immigrants but keep open the EU’s doors to its goods and services – Switzerland, writes Denis MacShane.
Global Europe 22-07-2016

Can Greece copy Morocco, and stop sulking?

Anyone ever tried to get from Athens to Skopje or Pristina? It’s a journey from hell as the excellent Aegean Airlines, which links all the region’s cities, have eliminated Macedonia and Kosovo from their satellite map, writes Denis MacShane.
Brexit 10-02-2016

Juncker fuels Brexit ‘myth’ in European Parliament

UK Eurosceptics in favour of Brexit will not be persuaded by Juncker’s words in Strasbourg, writes Denis MacShane. The Commission President has simply reinforced British stereotypes of migrant laborers.
Global Europe 19-01-2016

The Balkanisation of Europe

As foreign policy experts list their problems for 2016, the Balkans never gets a mention. That’s strange, as the region is the microcosm of all the differing conflicts in Europe, and even further afield, Denis MacShane writes.

Denmark’s under-reported referendum plays into Brexit debate

Hardly anyone has noticed that Denmark is holding an EU referendum tomorrow - but the result could shape the Brexit debate, argues Denis MacShane.
Brexit 20-11-2015

MacShane: The people will want to give Europe a kicking in the referendum

Denis MacShane was the UK's Minister for Europe under Tony Blair, and one of the most pro-European politicians of his generation - yet even he fears Britain is heading for a 'Brexit'.
Brexit 13-11-2015

British Conservatives’ ‘Ever Closer Union’ obsession is recent

The British Conservatives' obsession with the 'ever closer union' phrase ignores the rest of the sentence "...among the peoples of Europe", argues Denis MacShane.
Brexit 10-09-2015

Will anyone speak up for Europe in Britain?

Since David Cameron's electoral victory in May and his announcement of an in-out referendum on the EU, Queen Elizabeth has been the only senior British leader to speak out for European unity, writes Denis MacShane.
Europe's East 27-08-2015

Now we can phone Kosovo, but is that enough?

It is time for Serbia to let go of Kosovo and allow the Balkans to move into the 21st century, writes Denis MacShane.
Languages & Culture 04-12-2014

British Lord wins European Book Prize with plea to make EU stronger

The 2014 European Book Prize was awarded to two of Europe's most deserving authors: Sociologist Anthony Giddens, and novelist-journalist Pascale Hugues.
EU Priorities 2020 20-06-2014

Why Cameron should accept Juncker

London should hug - not hate - the Luxembourg former prime minister and David Cameron should pick up the phone and ask: 'Can we talk?', writes Denis MacShane.
Brexit 02-03-2012

Denis MacShane: ‘No one knows who leads the European left’

For British MP Denis MacShane, there is no point in praising the German economic model. He says the French obsession with the "Merkozy" couple can create errors of judgement.