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The future of work is beginning to look increasingly like the past

With the rise of the virtual economy, the new ways of working need to be recognised and regulated so that workers are afforded appropriate rights and social protection, writes Denis Pennel.

The ‘uberisation’ of the workplace is a new revolution

Think Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb. New ‘Uber-like’ business models are now being embraced in the field of employment too, writes Denis Pennel.

Stamp out undeclared work to boost inclusive labour markets

Undeclared work undermines social systems and employee rights, but good labour market regulation can reintegrate workers and benefit the economy, writes Denis Pennel. 
Denis Pennel

Mrs Thyssen, let’s start creating jobs right now!

New Employment Commissioner must eliminate labour market imperfections in order to boost job creation across Europe, Pennel writes.
Denis Pennel

Member states too slow in implementing labour market reforms

In the wake of the European Commission’s country-specific recommendations, the managing director of the European Confederation of private employment agencies (Eurociett) urges member states to be serious about implementing necessary reforms.

The only permanent thing in life is change!

The labour market will not be the same in future. In the 21st century we will witness the emergence of a wide variety of contractual employment arrangements and both policymakers and social partners will need to modernise labour laws to ensure legal certainty, writes Denis Pennel, managing director of the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Eurociett), in an April paper.