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Salvini fumes at EU court ruling on refugee returns

Italy’s hardline deputy prime minister reiterated his call to change the EU in reaction to a ruling  by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that refugees cannot be deported if their life or freedom is at risk in their home countries.

Austria deports refused refugees in training and education

Refugees in Austria who are refused asylum are rigorously deported, even if they are halfway through their training or education. There are now appeals from the Austrian economy to Chancellor Kurz. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Névache and Briançon – left to deal with migrants on their own

Following the closure of other roads, migrants embark on a clandestine Italian-French crossing in the Alps by the Col de l’Echelle. Local residents, haunted by fears of discovering dead bodies once the snow melts, are now getting organised to welcome them. EURACTIV.fr reports.

France’s asylum reform at odds with European law

Following a week of debates, French deputies adopted the controversial draft law on asylum and immigration in its first reading. However, some of the provisions could be contrary to European law on the matter. EURACTIV.fr reports.
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German politicians disagree over use of development aid

Germany is now trying to limit the number of refugees crossing its borders. Ministers have come to blows on the issue. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

German lawmakers rush to respond to Cologne attacks

After the attacks carried out on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve, the German government wants to act quickly and tighten the asylum law. Meanwhile, verbal and physical violence against migrants has escalated. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German government reaches compromise, will speed up deportations

The leaders of Germany's ruling coalition, struggling with the biggest influx of migrants in decades, clinched an agreement on Thursday (5 November) on speeding up the asylum process for those with little chance of being allowed to stay.

Berlin seeks to deport more failed Afghan refugees

The German government wants to deport more rejected Afghan refugees as part of a European readmission agreement. European Parliament President Martin Schulz supports the idea. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German air force to help deport asylum seekers

The German government has agreed upon a faster deportation system, using military support, for refugees whose asylum requests are rejected. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Poll: Majority of Germans reject immigration from outside the EU

Germans see immigration as the EU’s most important current challenge, while a majority are opposed to immigrants from outside the bloc. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German government plans to accelerate deportation of Kosovar refugees

Internal Affairs Minister Thomas de Maizière moved to declare Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania safe countries of origin and accelerate deportations of refugees from those countries, sparking outrage among opposition parties and refugee organisations. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Bavaria proposes speeding up deportation for rejected asylum seekers

Refugee numbers reached an all-time high in 2014, but the Bavaria's right-wing CSU hopes to deport rejected asylum applicants within a few weeks time, saying his party is acting in “solidarity”. EURACTIV Germany reports.
The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. 2010 [Gwenael Piaser/Flickr]

Germany’s deportees cannot be held in prisons, ECJ rules

Third country citizens awaiting deportation must be detained separately from regular prisoners, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (17 July), rejecting detention practices in several of Germany's Länder. EURACTIV Germany reports.