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Brexit 26-02-2021

UK faces ‘formidable’ task to deregulate, warns new report

Post–Brexit United Kingdom has only very limited room to diverge from EU regulation, according to the ‘UK regulation after Brexit’ report, published on Friday (26 February) by the UK in a Changing Europe academic think tank.
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Achim Wambach

Wambach: EU competition law is slow

“There is a need for regulation and harmonization,” said Center of European Economic Research’s head Achim Wambach during a conference on reforming the regulation of professions organized by the European Commission in Brussels.
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Europe's East 16-12-2014

Abromavicius: Ukraine needs to reform its Achilles heel, Naftogaz

In an interview with EURACTIV's Georgi Gotev, Aivaras Abromavicius, the Ukrainian Economy Minister talked about the need for reform in Ukraine.
Transport 22-09-2008

Aviation sector crisis: There will be consolidation, but not a bloodbath

A combination of rising oil prices and weakening demand is "hitting the aviation industry harder than virtually every other sector," according to Eric Heymann of DB Research.
Transport 11-01-2008

Turkish telecoms, energy and transport sectors in light of EU harmonisation

Turkey's progress in terms of regulatory reform and harmonisation of markets with the EU acquis is "slow and uneven" but "not too disappointing" overall, according to a November 2007 analysis from Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Competition 19-01-2006

Parliament rejects port services directive

The Parliament has resoundingly rejected the Commission's proposal to open port services to more competition, calling instead for a a directive on transparency and fair conditions of competition between ports.
EU Priorities 2020 28-09-2005

Commission takes small first step to cut red tape

As part of an ambitious project to increase Europe's global competitiveness, the Barroso Commission will withdraw 68 pending legislative proposals and prepare a drastic simplification of all existing EU legislation.
Future EU 13-07-2005

Brown: Europe needs to address “unacceptable” issue of 20m unemployed

The UK Finance Minister Gordon Brown told MEPs that Europe must invest in human skills to ensure that Europe is able to face up to "the biggest shift in the balance of global production and services the world has ever seen".