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Economy & Jobs 21-08-2017

Trade body says English courts should rule on European swaps after Brexit

English courts should continue to rule on disputes over cross-border derivatives contracts after Brexit to avoid clogging up a $483 trillion global market, a trade body said on Monday (21 August).
Economy & Jobs 04-05-2017

EU declares Brexit battle over euro clearing

The EU fired a fresh salvo at the UK on Thursday (4 May), proposing fresh rules that would require a huge slice of London's banking business to leave the UK after Brexit.
Economy & Jobs 04-05-2017

Commission eases rules for controversial derivatives sector

The European Commission today (4 April) presented various initiatives intended to temper regulation and cash requirements firms need to satisfy in order to trade sophisticated financial products, aimed at boosting the European economy.
Euro & Finance 28-11-2016

Commission proposes new CCP financial rules

The European Commission has adopted a proposal on financial market infrastructure that aims to manage the risk of one or more parties defaulting on transactions, in an attempt to learn from lessons provided by the global financial crisis. EURACTIV’s partner Milano Finanza reports.
Global Europe 11-02-2016

EU, US strike deal to avoid disrupting derivatives market

The European Union and the United States agreed yesterday (10 February) to accept each other's derivatives rules in a long-awaited step to avoid splitting the $550 trillion market.
Development Policy 15-07-2015

Financiers attack EU rules against food speculation

The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II is supposed to prevent excessive food speculation. But Oxfam says the financial sector is fighting stricter rules, with grave repercussions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

Thompson: Keep an eye on risky derivatives trades

Since the financial crisis, 25 repositories have begun listing so-called over-the-counter derivatives trades, securities transactions which are not carried out on stock exchanges. But the number of such warehouses is beginning to work against transparency and effective risk avoidance, according to Larry Thompson.
Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

Regulators warn over-the-counter derivatives are out of control

EU and US industry and regulatory figures have warned that the number and nature of repositories listing over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trades is threatening to blind regulators to market risk.
Euro & Finance 23-09-2014

MEPs insist banks should finance their own rescue fund

The European Union must shift more of the cost of a new rescue fund for banks onto the region's biggest lenders, lawmakers told the outgoing commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier yesterday (22 September).
Euro & Finance 10-02-2014

EU rules to light up derivatives markets set for shaky start

New rules coming into force in Europe this week to shine more light on the $700 trillion (€513 trillion) derivatives markets will take years to produce a clearer picture of these complex products which were at the heart of the financial crisis.
Trade & Society 30-10-2013

Derivatives dispute harming EU-US free trade talks

Ambitious plans for an EU-US free-trade agreement may be put in jeopardy by Washington's failure to finalise a deal coordinating rules in the €460 trillion derivatives market, the EU's financial markets chief has warned.
Euro & Finance 30-03-2012

MEPs back sweeping derivatives regulations

The European Parliament voted yesterday (29 March) to adopt new rules to make over-the-counter derivatives trading safer and more transparent. 
Brexit 10-02-2012

Crackdown on derivatives trading agreed

European Union diplomats and the European Parliament agreed yesterday (9 February) to overhaul regulation of the multi-trillion euro derivatives market, a move that will make it easier to control one of the most opaque areas of finance.
Brexit 25-01-2012

Finance ministers break impasse on derivatives regulation

EU countries broke a deadlock in talks to crack down on the derivatives market, as France and Britain resolved a turf war over how much say a pan-European watchdog can have over national markets, diplomatic sources said.
Brexit 05-10-2011

Britain backs down on derivatives rules

British chancellor George Osborne backed down on one of his key demands that all derivatives trading be immediately covered by new EU rules but won some smaller concessions on controlling a market once described as the "Wild West". 
Brexit 04-10-2011

Britain isolated on EU derivatives law

The UK government has found itself isolated in its opposition to draft EU derivatives rules as finance ministers are expected to express their "unanimous" backing to the European Commission's proposal on Tuesday (4 October).
Euro & Finance 15-09-2011

Britain to sue ECB over euro-area clearing rules

The European Central Bank was caught by surprise last night after learning that the UK government was taking legal action against the bank's rules for clearing houses, which may rule out non-eurozone countries from overseeing trades.
Brexit 06-09-2011

EU to force derivatives onto exchanges

Widely traded derivatives would have to be transacted on an electronic platform to improve transparency and safety, draft European Union rules showed on Monday (5 September). 
Euro & Finance 05-07-2011

EU sees delays in derivatives, short-selling rules

European Union rules to tighten derivatives regulations won't be agreed until at least the early autumn, as a global crackdown on the opaque sector faces delays on both sides of the Atlantic. 
Agrifood 15-06-2011

Sarkozy likens commodity speculators to mafia

French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday (14 June) called for tighter controls on the speculators he blames for spiralling food and energy prices, spelling out reforms that would put more trading under the thumb of regulators.
Euro & Finance 10-06-2011

EU moving towards deal on derivatives crackdown

The European Union is moving closer to a deal on its derivatives crackdown that could risk confrontation with the US, which has warned it is straying from an agreed global approach.
Euro & Finance 25-05-2011

EU lawmakers back derivatives crackdown

The European Parliament's economic affairs committee has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a draft law to standardise derivatives so they can be moved through central clearing houses to reduce risk and improve transparency.

Sarkozy to take on speculators in EU raw materials policy

In a last ditch effort, France has managed to beef up an EU proposal on commodities and raw materials which tries to make a link between speculation in financial markets and volatile commodity markets, EURACTIV has learned. 
Euro & Finance 04-01-2011

EU lets financial watchdogs off the leash

An array of new European financial supervisory bodies designed to monitor and avert future economic crises on the continent have opened their doors for business.