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  • EU courts US dealers with flexible derivatives rules

    News | Euro & Finance 06-07-2009

    The European Commission presented proposals last Friday (3 July) to strengthen the safety of EU derivatives markets, suggesting that dealers in Europe will be given more flexibility than their US counterparts amid mounting pressure for stricter regulation in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

  • Industry commits to central clearing for credit swaps

    News | Euro & Finance 20-02-2009

    Major banks and brokers involved in the credit default swap industry committed yesterday (19 February) to using EU-based central clearing for their trades, bowing to regulators' pleas to reduce risk in a business that stands accused of worsening the ongoing financial crisis.

  • Parliament to take lead on derivatives regulation

    News | Euro & Finance 05-02-2009

    The European Parliament is set to adopt new rules in April that will push for the establishment of a single European clearing house for credit derivatives. Lawmakers want to increase checks on such risky financial products, which stand accused of worsening the financial crisis by multiplying victims of insolvencies.

  • Property derivatives markets poised for success story

    Opinion | Brexit 27-06-2007

    A report by Deutsche Bank Research forecasts that markets for property derivatives – financial instruments with a return based on the value of real estate as an underlying asset – are likely to develop fast in several European countries over the next few years, following the UK's example.