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Economy & Jobs 25-08-2015

Russia tells retailers to withdraw some foreign detergent brands

Russian consumer safety watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said on Tuesday (25 August) that it had ordered retailers to withdraw detergents produced by several foreign consumer groups.

EU businesses want to take heat out of dirty laundry

The soaps industry on Friday (7 June) launched a campaign to get Europeans to use a 30ºC washing cycle, saying just a 3º heat drop in a few countries would save enough energy to power the Italian city of Parma for a year.
Climate change 18-11-2011

EU comes clean on phosphates ban in detergents

EU member states agreed on Tuesday (15 November) to proposals aimed at reducing the use of phosphorus compounds in dishwasher and laundry detergents, taking a decisive step in tackling the formation of algae in Europe's waters.
Climate change 16-01-2004

Detergents: MEPs back ‘provisional compromise’ with Council

The Parliament's second reading on detergents may only delay conciliation as disagreements with Council persist over the phasing-out of phosphates.
Climate change 11-04-2003

MEPs want stricter rules for detergents

The European Parliament adopted in its first reading on 10 April the Nobilia report on detergents, demanding stricter rules for the biodegradability.
Climate change 19-02-2003

First reading in Parliament on detergents rules

On 19 February 2003, the EP Environment Committee will discuss the Commission's proposal for a regulation on detergents.
Climate change 08-08-2001

Internet consultation on European detergents legislation

DG Enterprise has started an Internet consultation concerning a draft proposal to revise the EU's detergents legislation. The draft proposal includes stricter standards on biodegradability and information towards consumers, and aims to bring together all detergent laws into one user-friendly text.