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Development Policy 24-05-2017

‘Private sector development helps stabilise vulnerable countries’

Private sector development is crucial to stabilising the most vulnerable countries. But ensuring businesses respect social and environmental standards is a real challenge, Anne-Sophie Rakoutz told EURACTIV France.
Development Policy 14-02-2013

Wealthy member states must cough up cash: Irish development minister

With the EU agreeing a near freeze in overseas development aid, persuading citizens to back further national contributions will be a tricky but necessary task, says Irish Trade and Development Minister Joe Costello.
Development Policy 18-01-2013

UN panel expert: EU must be political unifier on development

Coordinating aid action amongst 27 EU countries is difficult but necessary for progress, says Jean-Michel Severino, a member of the UN expert panel charged with defining the world's development goals post-2015.
Agrifood 24-11-2009

Think-tank: Global food security ‘threatened by liberalisation’

Liberalising global agricultural trade without any regulation would threaten global food security as private investment funds would buy huge amounts of land in developing countries and produce for a profit rather than to feed the poor, warned Jacques Carles, founder of French think tank Momagri.