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Coronavirus 17-09-2020

Rich nations snap up vaccine stocks in global race for jab

Rich nations representing a fraction of the global population have already bought up over half the promised Covid-19 vaccine stocks, a study showed, as US President Donald Trump pledged to begin inoculating Americans within weeks.
Economy & Jobs 30-04-2020

Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity for fairer global trade?

Global value chains are particularly impacted by the pandemic. Could a European supply chain law be an answer to the current challenges?
Development Policy 08-04-2020

EU announces €15 billion to fight virus in developing countries

The European Union is to put up €15 billion to help poor countries fight the coronavirus epidemic, the bloc's chief announced on Tuesday (7 April).
Climate change 10-12-2018

Climate change and development aid: The economic case for prevention

Climate change affects developing countries more heavily, with broad impacts on the environment and the economy, insurers say, highlighting the need to act before damage is done.
Agrifood 20-11-2018

Commission: Only ‘economic considerations’ could lead to tariffs on rice imports

An alliance of EU rice producers has called for restoring tariffs on rice imports from Myanmar and Cambodia, in part due to human rights concerns, but Commission sources clarified that the EU executive's ongoing safeguard investigation is linked to purely economic considerations.
Development Policy 04-11-2015

The plan to electrify Africa takes shape

Africa could be fully electrified in as little as ten years, according to the President of the Pan-African Parliament. But the project needs a further $50 billion of funding. EURACTIV France reports
Agrifood 16-09-2015

Innovative microinsurance protects poor farmers against climate change

SPECIAL REPORT / Farmers in the Global South can protect their business by insuring their crops against climate hazards. But this system is held back by a lack of reliable climate data. EURACTIV France reports
Development mother and child
Development Policy 20-07-2015

Mental healthcare 50 times more accessible in wealthy countries

Nearly one in every 10 people has a mental health disorder, but just 1% of the global health workforce are working as psychiatrists, occupational therapists or social workers, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed in a report that highlights deepening inequality in access to mental health treatment.
Development Policy 19-06-2015

War-torn Kosovar village faces new threat as World Bank considers coal power plant

HADE, Kosovo – In 1999, Serbian commandos wearing hoods over their heads and greasepaint on their faces entered this mountain village and executed five Muslim men ages 25 to 80. The soldiers forced the surviving inhabitants onto buses headed for Albania and Macedonia. Then they set nearly every home in Hade ablaze.
Development Policy 29-05-2015

Poor nations waiting for a deal on climate, says French minister

Developing countries are “waiting to see” what rich nations will offer them in global warming talks, the French minister of environment has said, ahead of crunch negotiations to be hosted in Paris later this year.
Development Policy 24-02-2015

Cancer is the poor parent of development aid

SPECIAL REPORT: Long considered a disease of rich countries, cancer is no longer sparing Africa, where, to general indifference, the number of deaths is soaring.
Development Policy 12-02-2015

‘Swiss Leaks’ catastrophic for African economies

Developing countries in Africa have been hit by the full force of the recent Swiss Leaks scandal. The Swiss branch of HSBC bank cost Tanzania, Senegal and the Ivory Coast over 30% of their national health budgets. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 10-02-2015

Foodwatch: German TTIP study ‘utopian’

Consumer rights NGO foodwatch sharply criticised a German Development Ministry study on TTIP, saying the planned EU-US free trade agreement is a poverty scheme for the world’s poorest countries, and is an “interest-driven sham”. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 15-12-2014

Campaigners warn against diluting the Anti-Money Laundering Directive

As representatives of the EU institutions will meet tomorrow (16 December) to strike a deal on the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, a pressure group has warned that the stakes are high, as member states could be tempted to drop a mandatory public register of who controls anonymous trusts and companies.
Global Europe 22-10-2014

Congolese gynaecologist wins Sakharov Prize

Dr. Denis Mukwege is the laureate of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2014, following the decision yesterday (21 October) by European Parliament President Martin Schulz and the political group leaders. Mukwege is a gynaecologist specialised in the treatment of rape victims and founder of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic Congo.
Development Policy 22-09-2014

Study: Education and health spending compromised by climate change

Impoverished states have had to divert large chunks of their budget to adapt to climate change and run the risk of crowding out spending on health and education, a new report suggests.
Development Policy 19-11-2013

EU seeks ways to make vaccines resistant to hot weather

Half of the vaccines sent to developing countries are lost as they deteriorate during transportation, but a new EU-sponsored project may solve the problem.
Health 05-06-2013

Eat less meat for greater food security, British population urged

People in Britain should eat meat less often, in order to help ease the food crises in the developing world, an influential committee of MPs has urged.

Millions won’t be celebrating World Water Day

Half of humans lack safe drinking water, while competition for water from agriculture and industry could put more people at risk in years to come, says a Portuguese lawyer who is the United Nations’ independent advocate for the right to water.
Health 28-01-2010

Microsoft eyes ‘robotic doctor’ to cut health costs in poor countries

A leading figure in the information technology sector believes virtual doctors can help raise health standards in the developing world.
Development Policy 29-10-2009

UN climate chief downgrades hopes for post-Kyoto treaty

It seems unlikely that a comprehensive climate treaty will be sealed at December's UN conference in Copenhagen despite progress made, but a political agreement is still very much possible, Yvo de Boer, the UN's top climate official, told journalists yesterday (28 October).
Development Policy 09-10-2009

World Bank reaches out to EU for climate change synergies

The World Bank is seeking synergies with the EU in an attempt to incorporate climate change considerations into the long-term economic planning of developing countries, Michele de Nevers, senior manager of the bank's environment department, told EURACTIV.
Development Policy 29-01-2009

EU pressures developing nations to cut emissions

The European Commission yesterday (28 January) presented proposals for a global agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, urging rapidly developing countries such as China and India to take on their fair share of responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Development Policy 06-12-2007

Poor countries need billions to cut emissions

Calls for increased investment from rich countries in low-carbon technologies for the world's poorest regions have intensified in Bali, as new reports point to the climate risks related to the rapidly accelerating energy demand in developing countries.