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Development banks make landmark climate pledge, but no fossil fuel phase out

The world’s public development banks on Wednesday (11 November) pledged to align their financial firepower with the Paris Agreement on climate change, but avoided a firm commitment to phase out fossil fuel financing. As a source of funding for many...

It’s time for recovery finance to step up

Development banks and finance institutions must step up if we are to make the sustainable recovery needed after the COVID-19 pandemic, write Rachel Kyte and Laurence Tubiana.
Development Policy 17-09-2018

The EU’s bank in Africa steps up the action

Whether or not Jean-Claude Juncker’s plans for a "partnership of equals" with Africa becomes reality any time soon, the Luxembourg-based European Investment Bank will have an ever-increasing role in the continent.
Development Policy 07-06-2018

Taking development finance private

The EU’s External Investment Plan (EIP) is the latest addition to the increasingly cluttered landscape of public-private development finance. The EIP's future shape and the role it can play was one of the hot topics at the European Development Days on 5-6 June.
Development Policy 06-06-2018

Don’t leave women out of EU investment programme, Commission is told

The issue of how the EU's External Investment Plan can help empower women and girls dominated the agenda at the European Development Days on Tuesday (5 June), as some panellists voiced concern that it might be marginalised in the final big picture.
Development Policy 01-05-2018

EU budget promises sweeping changes to development policy

The development policy community is anxiously awaiting an overhaul of the EU’s development budget and the instruments used to spend it, when the European Commission publishes its communication on Wednesday (2 May) for the bloc’s next seven year budget.
Development Policy 20-10-2017

Development banks join forces to tackle climate change

Director general of French development agency (AFD) was appointed to lead the International Development Finance Club (IDFC), uniting credit institutions worth $3,000 billion. Their objective: to throw their weight behind sustainable development. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 04-11-2014

Development billions channelled through tax havens

Public institutions providing finance to businesses in developing countries are channelling billions of euros through secretive tax havens, a report published today (4 November) has found.
Development Policy 10-07-2014

Development billions loaned to Western companies and investment banks

Billions of euros of public money are channelled into private sector projects in developing countries by organisations that favour Western companies and investment banks, and exclude the nations they should support, a report published today (10 July) has found.
Development Policy 29-08-2013

EIB’s €5 billion budget cut will hit Arab Spring countries hardest

The European Investment Bank says that a €5 billion cut in the EU Guarantee Fund insuring its external lending, will force an equal cut of 15% in its funding pool for the 2014-2020 budget that will hit ‘neighbourhood’ states such as Egypt and Syria hardest.
Development Policy 29-08-2013

EU turns to development banks to boost private investments

The European Commission is pushing for further public-private collaboration by seeking the closer involvement of development banks in financing bigger projects, but that requires governance reforms. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 19-07-2013

It will be a dark day for Europe if the EIB’s new lending policy is vetoed

The European Investment Bank’s draft lending policy guidelines offer a significant step forward for environmentally responsible practice and must be supported, writes Ingrid Holmes.
Global Europe 11-05-2012

Fighting the crisis: The role of development banks

Wealthy countries' contributions to development banks are critical to emerging from the world economic crisis, with each euro given enabling significant additional private sector investment and growth, says Imoni Akpofure.