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  • Time to overhaul the European Union’s role in North Africa

    Global Europe 10-02-2011

    The relationship between North Africa and Europe has always been a special one, and the EU has developed schemes to help the economic development of the region. Without liberalising agricultural imports, this development is unlikely to succeed though, writes Sinan Ülgen of the Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM), an Istanbul-based think-tank.

  • Is Local Food Better?

    Agrifood 21-04-2009

    "Local food is delicious," but the problems with the food system and its environmental impact - and the solutions to address them - are global, writes Sarah DeWeerdt in an April paper for the Worldwatch Institute.

  • Famous athletes should promote social development

    Sports 26-05-2008

    Civil society organisations should engage more in social development actions through sports, argues former UNESCO official Marie José Lallart in an interview with the November 2007 Sport et Citoyenneté journal. She is a member of the organisation's scientific committee. 

  • Development policy: coordination, conditionality and coherence

    Global Europe 12-11-2007

    Published in Bruegel's collection of essays 
    Fragmented Power: Europe and the Global Economy
    , Arne Bigsten's contribution assesses the EU's development policy, and states that "it is in Europe's interest to have functioning and flourishing states in the developing world", to increase trade and growth and reduce terrorism.