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Health 22-11-2019

Whole grain diet can slash risk of cardiovascular disease, says researchers

Increasing the daily intake of whole grains to 30-40g reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) by up to 20%, EURACTIV.com heard at a recent event to mark the first International Whole Grain Day.
Agrifood 03-07-2019

Civil society abandons EU Commission’s anti-obesity forum

A number of public health NGOs have decided to leave the European Commission-led EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, in protest at the lack of progress in combatting obesity and related diseases.
Health 14-09-2018

Childhood obesity: Food education more important than regulation, parents say

Education about balanced diets brings tangible results according to the vending machines lobby, while parental organisations say lawmakers should insist on good habits to tackle childhood obesity, rather than regulation.
Agrifood 03-08-2017

Mediterranean diet is for the rich and educated, study claims

The Mediterranean diet is beneficial for health and reduces cardiovascular risk, but applies only to people who have higher income and educational level, a new study has claimed.
Agrifood 06-01-2016

Study: Germans still love their meat and eat plenty of it

The Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection has published its latest nutrition report, detailing Germans eating habits. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 10-01-2014

‘Meat Atlas’ sheds light on hidden costs of beef, pigmeat

Europeans need to more aware of the little-known environmental and social cost of their high-meat diets, green campaigners said at the launch of their global ‘Meat Atlas’ report on Thursday (9 January).
Agrifood 18-12-2013

Mediterranean diet could suffer from UK ‘traffic light’ labels, Italy claims

Italy has raised concerns with other European governments over a UK proposal for ‘traffic light’ food labels across the 28-country bloc, saying the scheme to warn consumers of high fat or salt content could damage the reputation of the Mediterranean diet.
Health 05-06-2013

Eat less meat for greater food security, British population urged

People in Britain should eat meat less often, in order to help ease the food crises in the developing world, an influential committee of MPs has urged.
Health 13-05-2008

Call for more food consumption data

Accurate data on people's diets is required to ensure effective risk assessment of people's exposure to certain nutrients and formulate food-related health policy, concluded a stakeholder workshop last week.
Sports 09-12-2005

Commission takes on obesity problem

A Commission's green paper on tackling obesity forms the basis for a public consultation on the promotion of healthy diets and physical activity in the EU.
Sports 24-06-2005

Ban on advertising unhealthy foodstuffs targeted at children?

Health stakeholders increasingly recommend a total ban of the advertising of unhealthy foodstuffs targeted at children. Advertisers call for self-regulation and media-education. 
Health 15-03-2005

Brief – Commission tackles obesity head on

The Commission will launch a 'European platform for action on diet, physical activity and health' to stop the rise in obesity, particularly among children.
Health 09-05-2003

Commission recommends action to improve cancer screening

The Commission has put forward a proposal for a Council Recommendation outlining best practice guidelines and quality standards for the screening of several cancer types. Cancer is responsible for the death of one million EU citizens annually, killing about one in four people in Europe.
Health 07-04-2003

One third of cancer cases could be prevented through government action, says WHO

According to a new publication by the World Health Organisation (WHO), cancer rates could be significantly reduced by stemming tobacco use and improving diet and physical activity. The EU addresses these factors in the framework of its Community Action Programme for Public Health.