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Technology 27-05-2022

Collaboration delivers digital skills for a digital Europe

There is a significant digital skills gap in Europe. To overcome this problem, strategic collaboration between public and private actors is key. Overcoming the digital skills gap will ensure that technology will continue to be beneficial for an inclusive and fair society, today and tomorrow.
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Technology 31-03-2022

Digital strategic autonomy: the EU needs to go beyond legislation

To achieve strategic autonomy in the digital domain, the EU must do more than legislate. It needs to assert more political control over crucial supply chains and standardisation processes, and invest in the development of public digital infrastructure. 

Media 16-03-2022

Media Freedom: A rebalanced ecosystem and sector consolidation

Given the war in the East, and recent riots in the United States, the quality of the information ecosystem has become central. Media leaders could seize industrial, policy and budget opportunities, beyond the basic democracy principles, with a view to media resilience, write Pedro Ortún Silvan and Christophe Leclercq.
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Technology 28-02-2022

Why choice should be the default in the DMA

The clock may be ticking on Google, Apple, and other tech giants’ ability to impose their email apps on users as default settings. If EU regulators are serious about fair competition in digital markets, letting people choose their own email app should be the new default setting.
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Technology 14-01-2022

The EU needs legislation on access to in-vehicle data

Digitalisation has the potential to revolutionize the way we use, maintain, repair, and insure cars; the existing sector-specific legislation needs some overhaul to keep allowing consumers to control and manage data flows that they generate while using their vehicles.
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Technology 10-01-2022

DMA trilogue: tension in the details

There has been intense debate over whether and how to tighten regulation in digital markets. With the DMA now nearing completion, the trilogue presents a final opportunity for the new regime to secure the benefits of the digital revolution for Europe’s consumers and businesses for years to come. 
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Technology 13-12-2021

The debate on targeted ads has demonstrated just how valuable they truly are

Greg Mroczkowski is IAB Europe’s Director of Public Policy.  As Covid-19 spread around the world, every aspect of our lives — from healthcare, to work, to shopping and even to socialising with friends — was driven online. In recent decades,...
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Technology 04-11-2021

The Metaverse Ecosystem is Developing into an Essential Vehicle for European Brands

The Metaverse is going mainstream, and European brands would do well to spot the potential value of shared virtual spaces that transcend borders.