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Coding skills needs to be paired with digital competency, writes the ECDL Foundation
Digital & Media 16-10-2015

Computing and digital literacy education needs a unified approach

SPECIAL REPORT / As EU Code Week comes to a close this weekend, the ECDL Foundation writes that education programmes promoting coding need to be balanced with basic technology skills, which are too often lacking—even among so-called 'digital natives'.
Digital & Media 03-02-2015

How Europe can win in the global app economy

As the European Union prepares its plan for a Digital Single Market, policy-makers must take full account of the fastest growing segment of that market – the app industry, writes Sophie Mestchersky.
Digital & Media 15-07-2014

New Beginnings

With a new legislative cycle about to start, we need to lay down the foundations for an economy that grasps the future, beginning with the digital single market, writes Fausto Pinto de Matos.
Beñat Bilbao [World Economic Forum]
Digital & Media 24-04-2014

How can Europe bridge its digital divide?

Europe is slowly emerging from one of the worst financial and economic crises in decades. A new report shows that digitisation efforts by the EU could not only revamp the economy, but could reunite Europe too, writes Beñat Bilbao.