About: Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Technology 20-05-2022

Tech Brief: Russia looms large at TTC, Microsoft loosens up, net neutrality

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Technology 04-05-2022

EU Commission explains Data Act’s legal implications to member states

In past weeks, the European Commission has been making a series of presentations, obtained by EURACTIV, to EU countries that have requested further clarity on how the new data law will apply and how it will interact with other legislation....
Media 03-05-2022

World Press Freedom Day: Safeguarding journalism as a public good in Europe

The extraordinary courage of journalists and media workers reporting from conflict areas in Ukraine and other parts of the world reminds us once again how crucial their work is in providing timely, trusted and fact-based information, write Birgit Van Hout, Irene Khan, and Louise Haxthausen.
Technology 24-03-2022

Time to restore fairness and contestability in digital markets

In December 2020, the European Commission presented the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) as “milestones in our journey to make Europe Fit for the Digital Age”.

Breaking digital dominance

Today’s expected agreement on the Digital Markets Act is essential to crack market dominance in digital markets. However, if negotiators fail to agree on effective tools to get under the skin of the underlying business model of advertising, we risk not only stifling of innovation and poor data protection but on top of that also societal harms, such as disinformation and hate speech, write René Repasi and Paul Tang.
Technology 22-03-2022

The Digital Markets Act is one of our best tools to resist to information wars

The West is involved in at least two wars in Ukraine: a military war and an information war. Meanwhile, governments pressure the largest social media platforms as they are the biggest battleground for the information war, writes Maria Luisa Stasi.
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Technology 28-02-2022

Why choice should be the default in the DMA

The clock may be ticking on Google, Apple, and other tech giants’ ability to impose their email apps on users as default settings. If EU regulators are serious about fair competition in digital markets, letting people choose their own email app should be the new default setting.
Technology 15-02-2022

Don’t forget security as we set the rules for our online lives

The EU takes cybersecurity seriously. And with cause. Cyber crime is rife, ransomware big business, and state actors increasingly resort to cyber interference to promote their interests and weaken adversaries.
Technology 03-02-2022

How do you say Amazon in Italian? Monopolista

Italian, French, and German regulators are stepping up fines on Big Tech for antitrust and privacy violations before Europe’s upcoming Digital Markets Act risks diluting their authority.
Technology 25-01-2022

EU must resist attempts to dilute Digital Markets Act 

The EU is on the brink of adopting new rules that will transform the dynamics of the digital economy and so significantly improve consumers’ experience. But it is crucially important that EU lawmakers resist last-ditch attempts by Big Tech companies to derail or neutralise these rules before they reach the statute book, writes Ursula Pachl.
Technology 20-01-2022

Voice assistants under fire in IoT competition report

Voice assistants have come under particular scrutiny in the conclusions of a Commission competition inquiry into the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) sector. 
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Technology 10-01-2022

DMA trilogue: tension in the details

There has been intense debate over whether and how to tighten regulation in digital markets. With the DMA now nearing completion, the trilogue presents a final opportunity for the new regime to secure the benefits of the digital revolution for Europe’s consumers and businesses for years to come. 

DMA : EU lawmakers want to impose minimum 4% fine on ‘gatekeepers’

Digital giants could be fined at least 4% of their annual turnover if they fail to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) if the opinion of MEPs in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee are heeded. EURACTIV France reports.