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Technology 23-06-2022

After Macron lost parliamentary majority, France’s tech policy could turn protectionist

Under Emmanuel Macron, France has become a digital leader. After the parliamentary vote in which he lost the majority in the national assembly, expect digital nationalism to dominate, write Daniel Hayes, Charles Martinet, and Gabriel Delsol.
Technology 10-05-2022

UK jettisons legislation to empower digital regulator

A bill that would have legally empowered the UK’s new tech regulator was notably absent from today’s presentation of the government’s annual legislative agenda.
Technology 09-11-2021

French Tech Policy and Its Contradictions

France’s tech policy will prove detrimental in determining overall future EU tech policy.
Competition 20-09-2021

Defending Europe starts with defending and strengthening European competitiveness

As EU leaders looks towards economy recovery in the wake of the pandemic, they need to give businesses the environment needed to thrive, writes Stefano Mallia.
Data protection 19-06-2020

German online hate speech reform criticised for allowing ‘backdoor’ data collection

Germany's Network Implementation Act, NetzDG for short, is now even stricter. Social networks must not only delete potentially criminal content but also report it to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). However, some data of online posters will have to be forwarded to the authorities. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 03-01-2020

Digital in 2020: A geopolitical programme

Departing from a tumultuous 2019, in which several tech behemoths faced the ire of European regulators, the forthcoming twelve months in the digital arena will prove to be lively in terms of EU policy.
Technology 11-06-2019

Brexit chaos holding back UK tech sector: London mayor

London’s booming technology sector could be making even faster progress if the gridlock over Brexit wasn’t depriving thousands of start-ups and big tech companies of the certainty they need over policy, London mayor Sadiq Khan said on Monday (10 April).