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Technology 20-05-2022

Tech Brief: Russia looms large at TTC, Microsoft loosens up, net neutrality

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.
Media 03-05-2022

World Press Freedom Day: Safeguarding journalism as a public good in Europe

The extraordinary courage of journalists and media workers reporting from conflict areas in Ukraine and other parts of the world reminds us once again how crucial their work is in providing timely, trusted and fact-based information, write Birgit Van Hout, Irene Khan, and Louise Haxthausen.
Technology 02-05-2022

Internet filters do not infringe freedom of expression if they work well. But will they?

The EU Court has clarified that filters should not be trusted when they cannot do their job with adequate precision. But their supervision remains weak. The upcoming AI Act offers an opportunity to address this, writes Martin Husovec.
Technology 21-04-2022

High stakes for children as DSA negotiations enter final round

One-third of primary-school-age children and half of teenagers fear they are addicted to digital services. Additionally, 10% of 12–13-year-olds believe they are addicted to porn, and 15% of children have stolen money to fund loot box purchases in online games.
Technology 08-04-2022

Digital Brief: Google’s new cookies policy, CJEU slams data retention in Ireland, France

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “Narratives borrowed from the Kremlin’s playbook [have] resurfaced in Chinese state-controlled channels” -EUvsDisinfo    Story of the week: Google...
Technology 08-04-2022

Banning Dark Patterns – Far From a Light Task

Dark patterns refer to how internet platforms trick and deceive users into clicking on something they don’t want to do.
Technology 25-03-2022

Global view key in assessing DSA impacts, say stakeholders

Attention must be paid to the global, not just European, impacts of the Digital Services Act (DSA), stakeholders have stressed, as the landmark platform regulation reaches its final legislative stretch. 
Technology 24-03-2022

Time to restore fairness and contestability in digital markets

In December 2020, the European Commission presented the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) as “milestones in our journey to make Europe Fit for the Digital Age”.

Breaking digital dominance

Today’s expected agreement on the Digital Markets Act is essential to crack market dominance in digital markets. However, if negotiators fail to agree on effective tools to get under the skin of the underlying business model of advertising, we risk not only stifling of innovation and poor data protection but on top of that also societal harms, such as disinformation and hate speech, write René Repasi and Paul Tang.
Technology 23-03-2022

DSA: European Commission pitches crisis management mechanism, supervisory fees

The European Commission pitched to member states on Tuesday (22 March) two proposals on a crisis management mechanism and a supervisory fee for very large online platforms, with the support of two presentations seen by EURACTIV. The Commission introduced the...
Technology 23-03-2022

DSA: The French Presidency wants new mandate ahead of political trilogue

The French Presidency seeks to obtain a revised mandate from other EU countries ahead of the upcoming political trilogue on the Digital Services Act (DSA), according to internal documents seen by EURACTIV.
Technology 21-03-2022

Disinformation: EU lawmakers ask platforms to do more, their DSA talks go the other way

The war in Ukraine is playing out across digital services and social media platforms, with disinformation and propaganda at its core. In just a few weeks, the Spanish fact-checker Maldita.es has already listed more than 750 fact-checks produced to counter disinformation items.
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Technology 11-03-2022

The Digital Services Act (DSA): A step closer to a safer online environment

The Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy and Coalition for Digital Ads hosted a joint online event on 9 March to discuss the Digital Services Act (DSA). As the DSA approaches implementation, what will the regulation mean for users and SMEs?
Technology 08-03-2022

Ukraine disinformation years in the making, say lawmakers

The groundwork for disinformation linked to the war in Ukraine has been being laid for years, lawmakers said in a Parliamentary debate today on a report on malicious foreign interference.
Technology 03-03-2022

EU actions must match words as DSA negotiations enter endgame

The EU is entering the homestretch of negotiations on the Digital Services Act, which promises to change how big platforms work in order to better protect the rights of European citizens. But if certain proposals by the European Parliament are not included in the final text, the DSA could fail to achieve its most fundamental aim.
Technology 24-02-2022

Could the EU be on the cusp of a Paris Agreement For The Internet?

It’s a global issue. It’s an existential threat to our way of life. And it threatens the collapse of entire ecosystems.
Technology 24-02-2022

Leading platforms keep humans in the content moderation loop, report finds

Best practices for content moderation incorporate both human and automated elements in their systems, according to a report published on Thursday (24 February) on the accountability of major online organisations. 
Technology 15-02-2022

Don’t forget security as we set the rules for our online lives

The EU takes cybersecurity seriously. And with cause. Cyber crime is rife, ransomware big business, and state actors increasingly resort to cyber interference to promote their interests and weaken adversaries.
Technology 15-02-2022

Deal on EU tech rules possible by June, key lawmaker says

European Union lawmakers and countries could reach a deal by the end of June on proposed tech rules forcing online platforms to better police the internet despite differences in their approach, the lawmaker steering the negotiations said on Monday (14 February).
Technology 01-02-2022

Access to platform data key to DSA, says Nobel Peace Prize winner

Research access to platform data in the Digital Services Act (DSA) should be further extended to cover journalists and NGOs, Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa told the European Parliament on Tuesday (1 February). 
Internet governance 01-02-2022

Big tech opposes Germany’s enhanced hate speech law

The amendment to Germany's Network Enforcement Act known as NetzDG on combatting hate speech online comes into force on Tuesday (1 February) but some of the largest online platforms refuse to cooperate. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Data protection 28-01-2022

German Supreme Court orders Facebook to allow pseudonyms

Facebook must allow the use of pseudonyms on its platform Germany's Federal Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (27 January). Until now, Facebook users were required to use their real names. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Internet governance 17-01-2022

French and German SMEs oppose tracking-based ads, survey finds

Ahead of a crucial EU parliamentary vote on the Digital Services Act, a survey has found that a majority of small businesses in France and Germany want alternatives to tracking-based advertisements by Google and Facebook, which they perceive as being too invasive.
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Technology 14-01-2022

The EU needs legislation on access to in-vehicle data

Digitalisation has the potential to revolutionize the way we use, maintain, repair, and insure cars; the existing sector-specific legislation needs some overhaul to keep allowing consumers to control and manage data flows that they generate while using their vehicles.