About: Digital Services Act (DSA)

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Digital & Media 14-01-2022

The EU needs legislation on access to in-vehicle data

Digitalisation has the potential to revolutionize the way we use, maintain, repair, and insure cars; the existing sector-specific legislation needs some overhaul to keep allowing consumers to control and manage data flows that they generate while using their vehicles.
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Digital & Media 13-12-2021

The debate on targeted ads has demonstrated just how valuable they truly are

Greg Mroczkowski is IAB Europe’s Director of Public Policy.  As Covid-19 spread around the world, every aspect of our lives — from healthcare, to work, to shopping and even to socialising with friends — was driven online. In recent decades,...
Digital & Media 06-12-2021

Why internet regulation and media freedom must go hand-in-hand

The European press sector has serious concerns about the ongoing Digital Services Act negotiations in Parliament and Council, which risk undermining Europe’s free and independent press.  Victoria Svanberg is the acting vice-chair and acting chairman of NWT Gruppen AB and...
Digital & Media 30-11-2021

Trade secrets don’t trump our rights

Europe’s sophisticated draft legislation – the Digital Services Act (DSA) – could finally change the asymmetry of power and information between Big Tech and citizens by enabling data access for regulators and vetted researchers to look ‘under the hood.’  Sarah...
Digital & Media 10-11-2021

Enough is enough! Rein in the giants.

The newly inaugurated Norwegian government must do their utmost to restrict the powers of the international tech giants. So should the European Union and legislators in other countries.
Digital & Media 02-11-2021

Whistleblowers are showing the world why Facebook is toxic. The European Union has a chance to fix it.

Policymakers across the world are alarmed by the algorithmic harms revealed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen -- but only the EU has an immediate opportunity to enact legislation that would meaningfully address them, several authors write. 
Digital & Media 20-10-2021

Digital Services Act: a media exemption would open a loophole for disinformation

A carve out for media in the EU’s Digital Services Act would leave a dangerous loophole in legislation that is desperately needed to tackle disinformation, writes Diana Wallis.
Digital & Media 22-09-2021

No excuse to let illegal content flourish

Thriving digital markets have made our lives easier and supported our economies, but it is about time that we put an end to illegal content that both harms our consumers and businesses. Simon Kollerup is Denmark’s Minister for Industry, Business...