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  • ‘European MIT’ will look for innovators in food, industry and urban mobility

    Special Report | News | Innovation & Industry 28-04-2016

    The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is opening a “new chapter” to overcome some of its early mistakes, and plans to expand by adding food, the digitalisation of industry and urban mobility to its priority areas.

  • Brussels seeks €50 billion to digitalise Europe’s industry

    News | Innovation & Industry 19-04-2016

    The European Commission unveiled its long-awaited strategy to support the digitalisation of industry on Tuesday (19 April), aiming to mobilise around €50 billion to help European manufacturers catch up in the global race for the fourth industrial revolution.

  • What future for Big Data mining?

     Video | Promoted content | Digital 23-03-2016

    Policymakers are showing growing interest for real-time analysis of public opinion and Big Data. From finance to political campaigners, social media have become a primary source of information, especially when it comes to understanding public opinion trends.

  • How can financial services work better for EU consumers in the digital age?

     Video | Promoted content | Digital 14-01-2016

    2015 has seen high-profile EU initiatives in financial services, most notably the publication of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) proposals. But attention is also turning to the ‘consumer agenda’.

  • EU mulls new rules for era of ‘intelligent’ factories, robots

    News | Digital 12-01-2016

    The European Commission wants to usher in the era of artificial intelligence and robotisation in factories with a “digitising industry” strategy due in April.

  • Digitalising workplace relations

    News | Digital 08-01-2016

    If managed correctly, the increasing use of digital technology in the workplace could help bring workers together and strengthen their role within businesses. Our partner La Tribune reports.

  • Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015

     Video | Promoted content | Digital 16-11-2015

    David Levy, director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism­, recently presented the latest edition of the Digital News Report at the Lisbon Council.

  • Connectivity: The key to growth in Europe

     Video | Promoted content | Digital 19-10-2015

    Europe needs a Digital Revolution to ensure strong and steady economic growth.
    This is why ETNO asked the Boston Consulting Group to study how policy reforms can help achieve this objective.
    Their study shows that the internet economy will grow 13 times faster than the economy as a whole in Europe if it is underpinned by powerful digital networks for all, across the whole continent.
    This means that connectivity is the main pillar for growth in Europe and that the digitalisation of the EU economy represents a huge growth opportunity that cannot - and must not be missed.
    Massive investment in superfast broadband deployment is essential for this to happen.Despite the fact that European telecom operators are investing heavily, Boston Consulting Group estimates that an investment gap of 106 billion euros will persist unless action is taken to fundamentally reform current regulation.
    For this to happen, we believe that the Telecoms rules should become market-based and technology-agnostic and should be streamlined towards fostering investment in networks.
    Also, it is vital that consistent and fair rules be applied when it comes to protecting users’ data. In today’s modern society users are increasingly choosing between services that operate under different regulatory regimes – sending a message via whatsapp or SMS for example. We need to adapt the rules so that they are applied consistently across the digital value chain and that they stimulate more innovationWe at ETNO support the European Commission in its review of the Telecom Framework and encourage a swift and broad re-think of the policy and regulatory tools that exist today.We are living in exciting times in which more and more is possible thanks to digital networks. Everything will change – from cars to health to the way we communicate. Rules and regulation must keep up with the changes and reflect the amazing opportunity of the digital society.

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