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Armed drones contentious in German disarmament debate

Germany has reopened a controversial debate over whether its armed forces should be trusted to operate armed drones. While an agreement seems far off, the debate could soon get a European twist.
Defence policy 10-04-2017

Schulz defies Trump, advocates disarmament

Angela Merkel’s main rival in this year’s German election said today (10 April) he would stress disarmament rather than military spending if he becomes chancellor after September’s vote, rejecting US pressure to spend more on defence.
Brexit 18-09-2015

Sturgeon: UK ‘living on borrowed time’

The United Kingdom is "living on borrowed time" if the British government fails to listen to Scottish voters, SNP chief Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday (18 September), the first anniversary of an historic independence referendum.
Global Europe 25-09-2009

Obama leads push for nuclear weapon-free world

The UN Security Council, at a summit chaired by US President Barack Obama, unanimously approved a resolution yesterday (24 September) that envisaged a world without nuclear weapons.

N.Ireland: IRA promises to disarm

The IRA promised to start a process of disarmament