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Global Europe 07-08-2020

EU releases 33 million euros emergency aid for Beirut blast

The European Union announced Thursday (6 August) that it had released €33 million to finance initial emergency aid for Lebanon and mobilised material resources, including an Italian hospital ship, to help relief efforts in Beirut, devastated Tuesday by two explosions.
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Parliament wants more money and an ‘EU force’ for natural disasters

Members of the European Parliament criticised the Commission's 'inertia' in establishing a European force capable of reacting immediately to emergencies and called for "concrete proposals". They also want financial assistance to be made more easily available in the light of the UK floods and Greek fires over the summer.
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EU to send US emergency aid after storm kills thousands

The United States have formally called on the EU, NATO and other international donors to send emergency aid, six days after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving thousands dead.

Tsunami disaster raises questions about corporate responsibility

The unprecedented business response to the tsunami disaster raises the question of how business should react to disasters beyond its core activities.
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Commission proposes modalities of EU disaster fund

On 18 September the Commission proposed the implementation modalities of an EU Solidarity Fund for major disasters.
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Commission proposes setting up an EU disaster fund

The European Commission has proposed to set up a 500-1,000 million euro disaster relief fund to deal with natural, technological or environmental disasters in the EU.
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Central Europe to receive EU aid for flood recovery

At a summit in Berlin on 18 August, the EU has pledged to release financial aid from its structural funds to help Central European countries affected by devastating floods that killed 100 people.