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Economy & Jobs 24-01-2020

China, WTO members join EU’s ad-hoc appellate body in Davos

EU member states reached an agreement on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum with 16 World Trade Organisation members, including China, to establish an ad-hoc appeal body and overcome the US blockage of the global trade-regulating system.
Economy & Jobs 22-11-2018

WTO agrees to hear complaints in spat over US tariffs

The World Trade Organization agreed Wednesday (21 November) to hear complaints from a range of countries over new US steel and aluminium tariffs, as well as complaints from Washington over retaliatory duties.
Economy & Jobs 23-03-2017

France’s top court questions constitutionality of CETA

The French Constitutional Court has launched a full investigation into the EU-Canada free trade deal CETA. The deal’s opponents call for it to be suspended. EURACTIV France reports.
A380_British Airways
Trade & Society 23-09-2016

Europe faces $10bn in retaliatory duties after WTO ruling in Airbus case

The US and Boeing declared victory after the Word Trade Organisation concluded yesterday (22 September) that subsidies for aircraft maker Airbus were illegal. However, the US said it was "ready to negotiate" before slapping retaliatory duties.
Trade & Society 20-04-2016

TTIP investment court ‘incompatible with human rights’

The EU's new investment court is no more consistent with fundamental rights than the previous investor-state dispute settlement system, according to a UN human rights expert. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 08-03-2016

France sees the EU-Canada agreement as a ‘template’ for TTIP

Paris would like to "copy-paste" key passages from the EU-Canada free trade agreement, concluded this week, particularly those relating to the arbitration court that is such a controversial issue in Europe. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 27-02-2015

France makes U-turn on TTIP arbitration

Paris has warned French MEPs not to shut the door on Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms by voting against ISDS. EURACTIV France reports
Brexit 21-03-2011

EU debates out-of-court scheme for consumer disputes

Policymakers from across Europe last week expressed broad support for the introduction of an EU-wide alternative dispute resolution system to prevent consumers from having to go to court to settle disputes with companies.
Trade & Society 20-11-2006

Pressure mounts in Airbus-Boeing conflict

As the EU and the US prepare for their biggest-ever battle in the WTO, Boeing plays down the effect that the dispute could have on transatlantic relations but stresses the need for both parties to focus on a negotiated settlement.
Security 16-02-2006

Law on cross-border disputes to be simplified

The new proposal on an EU-framework for negligence claims will not cover defamation or libel.
Trade & Society 14-07-2003

“Full victory” in WTO for the EU over US steel tariffs

On 11 July, a WTO panel ruled in favour of the EU and other countries that had requested an investigation into the legitimacy of US safeguard measures on imported steel. The US is expected to appeal.