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Health 21-11-2012

MEPs back harmonised rules for cross-border consumer litigation

The European Parliament has shown overwhelming support for a Commission proposal to help businesses and consumers resolve cross-border legal disputes in a vote in Strasbourg yesterday (20 November).
Agrifood 27-02-2003

EU exerts political pressure on U.S. over foreign sales tax exemptions

The Commission circulated among Member States a draft final list of U.S. products subject to sanctions under the Foreign Sales Corporations WTO case, on 26 February. The communication comes only days before Lamy's visit to the U.S. where he is likely to face pressure over the EU's moratorium on GMOs.
Trade & Society 16-09-2002

Business worried about Commission’s FSC sanctions list

On 13 September, the Commission presented the list of possible trade sanctions against the US in the longstanding dispute on the American FSC tax breaks system.
Trade & Society 29-04-2002

Washington may retaliate against EU sanctions on US exports

Washington has warned that it may retaliate if the EU imposes its planned trade sanctions against US exports, in order to pressure the US into withdrawing their steel tariffs against EU producers.
Trade & Society 23-04-2002

US urges the EU to postpone its retaliation on steel tariffs

On 19 April, the Commission proposed that the EU should introduce trade sanctions worth 300m dollar, in retaliation to the tariffs introduced by the US on steel. The retaliation measures would target sensitive export products such as fruits, textiles and steel.
Trade & Society 28-03-2002

EU imposes import duty on steel

In order to prevent "serious injury, and damage which it would be difficult to repair" and to counter US actions, the Commission has taken "safeguard measures" in the field of steel.
Trade & Society 26-03-2002

EU to impose import restrictions on steel

The Commission is to introduce import quotas for steel on 27 March in order to protect the EU market from the expected surge in steel imports, due to the introduction of punitive duties by the US.
Trade & Society 25-03-2002

EU prepares steel retaliation against US

The European Commission proposes sanctions against US products, worth 2.5 billion euro, in retaliation for US tariffs on imported steel.
Trade & Society 21-03-2002

EU leads trading partners in retaliating to US steel tariffs

The EU is preparing three separate courses of action to respond to the imposition of tariffs on steel imports into the US.
Trade & Society 08-03-2002

EU steps up trade war over steel

The EU has launched an official complaint with the WTO, demanding compensation for the economic losses caused by the US tariffs on steel.
Trade & Society 06-03-2002

EU to challenge US over steel tariffs

The European Commission has announced its intention to launch an immediate complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva against the US decision to restrict steel imports from the rest of the world.
Trade & Society 13-02-2002

EU and Russia make slow progress in bilateral WTO accession negotiations

The EU confirmed its support for Russia's rapid accession to the WTO but only on commercially viable terms.
Trade & Society 15-01-2002

US loses appeal against WTO ruling on tax breaks

The US has lost an appeal over the WTO rulings in a long-running dispute with the EU concerning the foreign sales corporations tax regime. The EU could now in principle impose retaliatory sanctions of up to 4 billion dollars but it is expected that Brussels will want to prevent a new major trade war.
Trade & Society 19-12-2001

EU and US agree on interim solution in copyright dispute

The EU and the US agreed on a temporary solution of their dispute over music copyright. They have agreed on a process that will result in a US financial contribution to support projects and activities for the benefit of European music creators.
Trade & Society 24-10-2001

EU expresses concern over US steel ruling

The EU has expressed its concern over the ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) which claims that foreign steelmakers have been flooding the US market with cheap imports. EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy views problems in the US steel industry as resulting from its failure to adjust to new market realities. He has made it clear that if the US introduces any barriers to foreign steel imports the EU will immediately take its case to the WTO.
Trade & Society 18-10-2001

EU and US clash over GE-Honeywell merger ban

Competition Commissioner Mario Monti was seriously attacked by a senior US antitrust official for banning General Electric's proposed merger with Honeywell. The clash, which took place at an international antitrust conference at the Paris headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, underlines growing tensions between the two blocs over antitrust regulation.
Trade & Society 11-10-2001

US appeals WTO ruling on tax breaks

The US has lodged an appeal with the World Trade Organisation over its ruling in a long-running dispute with the EU over foreign sales corporations. The WTO ruled in August that the tax break scheme for US exporters contravenes trade rules and allowed the EU to impose sanctions of up to $4 billion on US goods. The US appeal means that the EU will have to wait a further 60 days before it can impose the sanctions.
Trade & Society 10-10-2001

Many outstanding disputes in EU-US trade relations

The publication of the EU's annual US trade barriers report highlighted the large number of outstanding trade disputes that remain between the two trading partners. Whilst there were notable successes during the past year, such as the resolution of the long-running bananas dispute, the EU still takes issue with a large number of US trade measures, including the Helms-Burton Act and foreign sales corporations (FSCs).
Trade & Society 14-09-2001

GE-Honeywell appeal against blocked merger

US companies General Electric and Honeywell International have decided to bring their blocked merger case before the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg.
Trade & Society 27-08-2001

EU and US on verge of new trade war

A WTO decision against an American scheme offering tax breaks to US multinationals may turn into one of the biggest trade disputes ever between the EU and the US. Speculations predict trade sanctions of up to 5 billion dollar against the US, which could scupper the recovery of the global economy.

Survey highlights European suspicions of Bush

A survey of public opinion in France, Germany, Italy and the UK has revealed that Europeans are overwhelmingly opposed to the foreign policies and actions of US President George Bush. The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center for the International Herald Tribune and the US Council on Foreign Relations, says that 70% of people in each country see President Bush's decisions as based solely on US interests.
Trade & Society 09-08-2001

US companies ask Bush to settle trade dispute

The chief executives of 74 of the largest companies in the US have sent a letter to President Bush requesting that he settle the trade dispute with the EU over tax breaks for US exporters as soon as possible. Among the signatories of the letter were the chief executives of Boeing, Exxon, General Motors and Walt Disney. They want the Bush administration to either appeal the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling against the tax breaks or negotiate with the EU to avoid the imposition of sanctions.
Trade & Society 07-08-2001

Rum deal trips up EU

The WTO has ruled against the EU in a case brought over the trademark rights for a brand of Cuban rum. The EU had argued that a US law designed to protect the rights of companies whose trademarks were confiscated by the Cuban government following the revolution was incompatible with the trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) agreement.
Trade & Society 02-08-2001

Just when you thought it was safe to import bananas…

Opposition from several Latin American countries threatens to derail the deal reached last April by the EU and the US over banana imports to Europe. The Financial Times reports that Panama, Honduras, Guatamala and Nicaragua objected to the EU's request on 31 July that WTO rules be waived so that it could implement the new banana import rules agreed with the US. There is now a possibility that the EU will be unable to meet the 1 January 2002 deadline it agreed with the US for the next stage of amendments to the banana regime.