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Facilitating the lives of 16 million international couples

The EU is taking steps to provide legal clarity for international couples, facilitating the lives of Europeans in 18 countries, write Vera Jourová and Jean-Marie Cavada.

EU child custody laws need updating

Modern families are evolving, but family law has failed to keep up. It is time for the EU to step in to ensure that families, and particularly children, have protection and legal certainty, wherever they are in Europe, argues Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea.

Malta lawmakers make divorce legal

In an historic vote, Maltese MPs passed legislation to legalise divorce this week (25 July), after a small majority voted in a May referendum to change the law.

New cross-border divorce rules for 14 EU countries

Fourteen EU member states earlier this week (12 July) used a pioneering cooperation law to press ahead with plans to simplify divorce rules for couples of different nationalities.

Cross-border EU divorce rules made easy in 14 member states

International couples living in 14 EU countries will be able to choose which country's jurisdiction should apply to their divorce as the European Parliament finally backed proposals tabled by the EU executive four years ago.

Cross-border EU divorce rules given go-ahead by MEPs

Divorce might become easier for international couples as MEPs yesterday (1 June) backed an arrangement that would allow international couples in 12 member states to choose which law applies.

Brussels to table cross-border EU divorce rules

The European Commission will today (24 March) propose new rules to regulate divorces for international couples in a bid to prevent so-called 'forum shopping', where spouses seek to gain an advantage over their partner by filing their case in the country that best serves their interests. 
Security 19-07-2006

Commission looks to halt ‘divorce shopping’

The Commission is seeking to create a more flexible and certain legal framework for international couples looking to divorce.
Security 11-06-2004

Commission stresses relevance of European law in civil matters

The European Commission and the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union have launched an information campaign targeted at Europe's legal practitioners.