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Global Europe 26-05-2022

In Davos, Ukraine says it ‘badly’ needs rocket systems

Ukraine's foreign minister said Wednesday (25 May) his country "badly" needed multiple launch rocket systems to match Russian firepower as he pressed Western allies for heavy weapons at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps.
Europe's East 21-04-2022

Ukraine’s foreign minister to Bulgaria: ‘It’s time to make a choice’

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba appealed to NATO and EU member Bulgaria on Thursday (21 April) to provide sorely needed military aid to help his country survive Russia's invasion.
Global Europe 29-03-2022

Ukraine sets ceasefire goal for new Russia talks, but breakthrough looks distant

Air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine before dawn on Tuesday (29 March) as Ukrainian and Russian negotiators prepared to meet in Turkey for face-to-face talks, with Kyiv seeking a ceasefire without compromising on territory or sovereignty.
Global Europe 29-03-2022

Billionaire Abramovich, Ukrainian peace negotiators hit by suspected poisoning

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning earlier this month after a meeting in Kyiv, the Wall Street Journal and the investigative outlet Bellingcat reported on Monday (28 March).
Global Europe 10-03-2022

Turkey hosts first meeting of top Russian, Ukrainian diplomats since invasion

Foreign ministers from Russia and Ukraine will meet in Turkey on Thursday in the first high-level talks between the two countries since Moscow invaded its neighbour, with Ankara hoping they could mark a turning point in the raging conflict.
Global Europe 07-03-2022

US considers sending F-16s to Poland if Warsaw gives its MIG-29 to Ukraine

The United States is considering sending planes to Poland if Warsaw decided to send fighter jets to Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on a visit to Moldova on Sunday (6 March).
Europe's East 21-02-2022

Putin’s recognition of breakaway regions pushes EU to fast-track sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin's recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics in eastern Ukraine on Monday (21 February), is likely to force the EU to fast-track a decision to impose extensive sanctions on Moscow.
Global Europe 21-02-2022

EU foreign ministers to discuss Russia crisis amid fears of ‘false-flag’ operations

EU foreign ministers meet with their Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba in Brussels on Monday (21 February) amid growing fears that Russia could take a 'false flag' provocation as an excuse to take military action against Ukraine.
Global Europe 05-01-2022

Borrell visits Ukraine frontline in show of support amid Russia fears

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell arrived in Ukraine Tuesday (4 January) in a show of support for Kyiv, as the West warns Russia against launching any attacks on its ex-Soviet neighbour.
Global Europe 03-12-2021

Ahead of Biden-Putin talks, Ukraine warns against Yalta-type agreement

Ukraine rejects any efforts to get it to scrap its plans to join NATO as well as any "guarantee" sought by Russia to ease tensions on the border, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Friday (3 December).
Global Europe 30-11-2021

Ukraine urges swift action to ‘deter’ Russian invasion

Ukraine called for swift action on Monday (29 November) to "deter" its Soviet-era master Moscow from invasion, saying that a Russian military operation could be launched "in the blink of an eye".
Global Europe 11-11-2021

US warns Russia against another ‘serious mistake’ on Ukraine

The United States on Wednesday (10 November) warned Russia against making another "serious mistake" on Ukraine as it sought clarity about troop movements near the border.
Global Europe 22-04-2021

Ukraine encourages Western allies to kick Russia out of SWIFT

Ukraine urged Western allies to show they were prepared to punish Moscow with new sanctions, including kicking Russia out of the global SWIFT payments system, to deter the Kremlin from resorting to more military force against Ukraine.
Europe's East 20-04-2021

Russia does everything to incite provocations, Kyiv warns

Russia will soon have more than 120,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, the country’s foreign minister warned on Tuesday (20 April), after the EU, US and NATO allies denounced the large build-up of Russian troops alongside Ukraine’s eastern borders. “The situation...
Europe's East 20-04-2021

Russian military build-up near Ukraine numbers more than 150,000 troops, Borrell says

Russia has concentrated more than 150,000 troops on Ukraine's border and in annexed Crimea, the EU's top diplomat Josep Borrell said on Monday (19 April) after EU foreign ministers were briefed by Ukraine's foreign minister.
Global Europe 13-04-2021

Ukraine mobilises NATO’s diplomatic and political means over Russia troops build-up

After Kyiv and Moscow traded blame over the worsening situation in the eastern Donbas region, Ukraine was able to mobilise its Western allies at political level, with several high-level meetings planned this week.