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Health 15-04-2015

German government poised to tackle healthcare corruption

Under a bill drafted by Justice Minister Heiko Maas, doctors charged with corruption could face up to five years in prison or a fine, closing a legal loophole that has for years hindered the fight against corruption in the medical sector. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 03-07-2013

US doctors look with envy at Europe’s medical devices approval scheme

SPECIAL REPORT / The scrutiny procedure on medical devices in the US is so strict that American doctors say the system works against the interest of patients, leaving some waiting years for treatment that could save their lives. European doctors now start to worry that a similar system envisaged in the EU could have the same impact.
Health 10-04-2013

Doctors warn of rising xenophobia in Europe’s healthcare systems

Austerity measures adopted in Europe in response to the public debt crisis have a devastating impact on healthcare services, resulting in rising xenophobia in countries like Greece and Spain, the humanitarian group Doctors of the World said Tuesday (9 April).
Health 04-10-2012

Forum calls for fewer specialists, more targeted treatments

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe needs fewer specialised doctors and more drugs and treatments to target personal ailments with pinpoint accuracy, policymakers at the Gastein Health Forum heard yesterday (3 October).
Health 22-03-2012

Standardisation and healthcare services do not mix

Draft EU legislation seeks to bring services under the European standardisation system, with a view to improving their free movement in the single market. Yet in the case of healthcare, such standardisation threatens patient safety, says Dr Konstanty Radziwill.