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Development Policy 15-11-2013

EU conflict minerals law hangs in the balance

A planned certification scheme to prevent warlords funding their militias by selling minerals to European firms has been delayed, EURACTIV has learned, and fears are growing for its future.
Euro & Finance 10-05-2010

Barnier visit to US ‘waste of time’, says Washington insider

EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier was in the US over the weekend to talk tough on financial reform. But a high-ranking US official warned that Barnier was consorting with the culprits of the crisis and that his trip may prove a waste of his time. 
Euro & Finance 27-04-2010

We’re like ‘Siamese twins’ on banking reform, US tells EU

Although question marks hang over the transatlantic political will to devise common policies to regulate banks, US Ambassador to the EU William Kennard told officials and lobbyists yesterday (26 April) that the two giants were more inseparable than ever, "like Siamese twins".
Euro & Finance 17-03-2010

US warns EU of financial reform clash

The US is growing increasingly worried by the EU's financial reform agenda, as US officials descend on the European institutions in Brussels to warn policymakers against divergent rules on hedge funds and derivatives.