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TTIP vs. WTO: Who sets global standards?

The EU and the US need to be aware that going it alone with TTIP comes at a high price: the initiative incentivises the formation of economic blocs, rather than the much vaunted shaping of globalisation, write Clara Weinhardt and Fabian Bohnenberger.
Development Policy 15-12-2015

As global trade talks open, African leaders seek fair terms

The World Trade Organization must do more to support large-scale agriculture in Africa and develop a new, global approach to domestic farm subsidies, African leaders said on Monday (14 December).
Trade & Society 08-10-2012

Much ado about future of Doha trade talks

SPECIAL REPORT / While multilateralism is faltering, its supporters are trying to find a new raison d’être for the deadlocked Doha trade talks ahead of the WTO’s next big meeting in Indonesia in December 2013.
Trade & Society 17-07-2012

Brussels to give green light for EU-Japan trade talks

The European Union should go ahead with talks on a potentially groundbreaking free-trade deal with Japan despite opposition from carmakers, the European Commission will say on Wednesday (18 July), in an effort to revive Europe's stagnant economy.
Brexit 26-01-2012

Cameron spurs new WTO strategy

British Prime Minister David Cameron called the drive to finish the Doha round of world trade talks a failure and insisted the European Union should instead negotiate free trade deals with the United States and Africa. 
Trade & Society 29-04-2011

The Doha Round’s premature obituary

The deadline and prospective death of the Doha Round should galvanise the world's statesmen attention to complete the last mile of the marathon, otherwise the first multilateral trade negotiation risks disappearing from the world's radar, writes Jagdish Bhagwati of Colombia University.
Trade & Society 22-04-2011

WTO faces tough choices after latest Doha setback

World Trade Organisation members have little time left to rescue the 10-year old Doha trade talks and end a fight over manufacturing trade between the United States and major emerging economies like China, India and Brazil before they meet next week in Geneva.
Trade & Society 01-12-2010

WTO chief says Doha countdown has begun

Political leaders want negotiators to deliver a global trade deal next year and the clock has started ticking on intensified talks, the head of the World Trade Organisation said yesterday (30 November).
Brexit 12-11-2010

‘Mr. Free Trade’ makes Brussels comeback

Sir Leon Brittan, the long-serving UK commissioner for trade and for external affairs (1989-1999), known as a strong promoter and in his own words a "believer" in the free market, has made his first Brussels visit in a new capacity after an eleven-year absence.
Trade & Society 23-03-2010

EU wants US to jump-start Doha trade talks

The European Union cannot make more concessions on farm trade to restart stalled world trade talks and the United States must make the first move, the EU's new trade chief said on Monday (22 March).
Agrifood 24-11-2009

Global food security ‘threatened by liberalisation’

Liberalising global agricultural trade without any regulation would threaten global food security as private investment funds would buy huge amounts of land in developing countries and produce for profit rather than to feed the poor, Jacques Carles, founder of Momagri, a French think-tank on agriculture, warned EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 17-06-2009

EU urged to consider price volatility in farm reform

Future reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should consider the impact of price volatility and speculation on food security, according to a French think-tank which promotes a new world vision for agriculture. 

Chemicals industry wants ‘free trade, not subsidies’

Experts from the EU's chemicals industry have highlighted free trade and the development of sustainable products as key to the survival of Europe's chemical companies. Access to energy and raw materials are also central to long-term competitiveness, according to a new report.
Trade & Society 14-01-2009

Atlantic Council: ‘Obama can learn soft power from Europe’

Under Barack Obama, the US can learn from Europe how better to use its "massive" soft power in dealing with global crises, Fred Kempe, president of leading foreign policy think tank the Atlantic Council of the US, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 25-11-2008

Aid agencies welcome EU food deal for world’s poorest

Development NGOs such as Oxfam have largely welcomed an agreement reached by EU budget ministers and MEPs on 21 November to provide €1 billion to the world's poorest farmers, but urged the EU to address the "structural problems" that fuelled the food crisis.
Trade & Society 21-10-2008

New UK commissioner vows to rescue trade talks

The UK's commissioner-designate Catherine Ashton gave an assured performance during a three-hour grilling at the European Parliament yesterday (20 October), where she promised to rescue global trade talks if approved as the EU's new trade commissioner.
Trade & Society 16-09-2008

Experts warn EU of climate change ‘trade war’

Concerns are growing that import restrictions being mooted by the EU and other developed states as a means to protect their domestic energy intensive industries against 'dirty' imports from developing states like India and China could lead to a global trade war.  
Trade & Society 30-07-2008

World trade talks failure: The endgame?

For the third year running, global trade negotiations came to a disappointing end yesterday (29 July) as countries refused to compromise on opening up their national markets for agricultural goods. The talks in Geneva were considered a "last chance" for a deal before the US Presidential elections in November and are unlikely to be reopened before January next year at the very earliest.
Trade & Society 22-07-2008

EU offer to slash farm duties dismissed as ‘propaganda’

An attempt by the EU's trade chief to impress his counterparts at global trade negotiations in Geneva with a pledge to cut the bloc's agricultural tariffs by as much as 60% fell flat as both France and Brazil denied the proposals were anything new.
Trade & Society 18-07-2008

Hopes high for ‘last chance’ world trade talks

Only a few question marks remain in stuttering, six-year long negotiations on freeing up global trade, top EU and US trade officials said ahead of another "crunch" WTO ministerial meeting on Monday (21 July).
Trade & Society 15-07-2008

EU trade chief warns of multilateral fallout from WTO failure

Speaking a week ahead of a crucial World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting on 21 July, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson urged the 27 EU countries, including France, to "show unity" towards achieving a breakthrough or risk the collapse of other international endeavours such as talks on climate change.
Trade & Society 27-05-2008

Mandelson encounters resistance in trade talks

While farming nations such as France and Ireland unsurprisingly led the opposition to fresh proposals for a global trade pact, they were joined by countries such as Germany in slamming the latest WTO offer on liberalising trade in industrial goods.
Trade & Society 21-05-2008

EU business, farmers criticise new WTO proposals

Despite optimism from World Trade Organisation officials that new negotiating drafts presented on 19 and 20 May will act as a "springboard" towards achieving a global trade pact, the EU and its major trading partners have reacted cautiously.
Global Europe 03-04-2008

EU and Australia hail ‘key partnership’

Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (2 April) described the relationship between the EU and Australia as a "key partnership" during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Brussels, stressing their common desire to "substantially upgrade" relations.