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Trade & Society 20-02-2013

Transatlantic trade deal is Obama’s chance for a legacy

There has been much fanfare over the US “pivot to Asia” and the idea has caused consternation in China, and Europe. A pivot back to Europe would have a beneficial effect not only on the transatlantic economy but on the rest of the world, but only if President Barack Obama seizes the historic moment and makes it his legacy, writes Frederick Kempe.
Climate change 12-11-2012

EU finance ministers must step up climate cash flows to poor countries

EU finance ministers must be prepared to give concrete assurances that climate finance will not fall off a cliff in December, but will continue to be provided to support climate action in developing countries, argue Satu Hassi and Wendel Trio.
Trade & Society 02-08-2007

Conflicting objectives of international environmental and trade regimes

Alice Palmer, Senior Adviser to the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD), and Richard Tarasofsky, head of the Energy, Environment and Development Programme at Chatham House, have written a paper that sets out options for avoiding conflicts and building a positive relationship between international trade and environmental objectives.
Trade & Society 12-12-2005

CER: Failure of Doha talks would undermine WTO’s credibility

The collapse of the Doha round would also call into question the future of the WTO itself, writes Aurore Wanlin in a policy brief for the think tank the Centre for European Reform.